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Top 5! The Best Movie Jokers of All Time

On this episode Jay, inspired by the new Joker movie, breaks down his Top 5 movie Jokers of all time.Who will take the top spot? Do you agree with his picks? Watch to find out!

Movie Review! Is the Joker (Film) Too Dark?

On this episode of Geek. Dad. Life. Jay gives his review and opinion on the new DC movie "Joker". He digs into whether or not the film is too dark and if Joaquin Phoenix's performance steps up to the levels of great previous Jokers.

Toy Hunt! Triple Force Friday: New Star Wars Toys!

Jay goes out on Triple Force Friday at his local Target to find the latest Star Wars toys from The Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian, and Jedi: Fallen Order. He arrives after the store opened but was surprised to see what was still there...

Board Games! The Grape Escape

On this episode of Geek. Dad. Life. Jay is joined by his two sons Zach and Alex, as they play one of his favorite childhood games "The Grape Escape". It's a ruthless game of smashing, cutting, smushing and rolling cute little grapes, and as with most family games it ends controversially...

Geek Quest! A search for Tron…

On the first episode of Geek. Dad. Life. Jay goes on a quest to acquire a rare Tron Cocktail Arcade game from Game Galaxy Arcade in Smyrna Tennessee.