Biker Mice From Mars Exclusive on Toy Geeks!

TOYCOLLETR Editor-in-Chief of Blake Wright made a surprise appearance on this week’s Toy Geeks, where he shed more light on the upcoming Biker Mice From Mars figures, as well as what Nacelle has planned for their upcoming Nacelleverse. Jay, John, and Toy Geeks guest Dante of The Infinity Equation were talking about the new images and line and speculating on what else Nacelle will do for promotion. Dante asked whether or not the bikes would be sold separately or together with the mice. Wright was watching live and hopped on to give an exclusive from Issue #4.

According to Wright, the Mice will come first and the bikes later. Nacelle plans on making a Robo Force cartoon that will tie in other properties from the “Nacelleverse,” including Sectaurs, Power Lords, and BMFM. Each episode will feature little easter eggs and nods to the different lines within the ‘verse to tie them in. If the new Robo Force show is picked up and successful, they plan to expand with spin-off series focusing on Biker Mice From Mars, etc.

Wright also shared some TOYCOLLECTR news: Starting with Issue #5, the magazine will be available for purchase in Barnes + Nobles and will feature another exclusive reveal on its cover!

Read more about the new Biker Mice From Mars figures and what Nacelle has planned for the Nacelleverse, make sure you check out Issue #4 of TOYCOLLECTR, which is expected to ship sometime around March 1, 2023.

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