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We’re Getting a BIG Tiamat, But is Vinyl the Way to Go?

Join Jay and special guest host Brick from Brick Something as they talk about the latest in toy news! Super7 announced a GIANT Tiamat toy, but to save on costs they went Vinyl with it, was that the right call? S7 also announced a bunch of SDCC exclusives as well as Mondo. The team from Realm Toys will be joining us to talk about their upcoming kickstarter for Brutal Realm a sword and sorcery toyline that looks epic. We'll talk about all of that and more tonight on Geek. Dad. Live.

Haslab Cantina Backed, But Can It Hit All Tiers?

Join Jay and special guest Adam from Highly Articulated as they talk about the latest in toy news! The Star Wars Cantina Haslab hit its 8,000 threshold, but still has all its tiers left to unlock with a day left to hit them. We'll check the final projections from Brian Brink's Charts to see which tiers ave a chance of hitting. Super7 and McFarlane had more SDCC reveals

Every 2024 SDCC Exclusive Breakdown!

Join Jay with special guests Jonathan from Nostalgia Unboxed and Toy Sorceress and Mike from Toy Habits as we break down all the big exclusives that can be found at this years San Diego Comic Con!

Will Super7’s New 2003 TMNT Figures Succeed?

Join Jay and special guests Kyle and Brandon as they talk about the latest in toy news! Kyle and Brandon design and scuplted these new 2003 style Turtle figures hear from them directly on how they came up with the new designs and where the turtle line can go from here. JoeFest had some great reveals from Super7 and more, we'll hit some of our favorite highlights and more tonight on Geek. Dad. Live.

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My First Toy Room

Jay shares pictures from his first toy room and the story behind how it came together.

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ToyTubers Unite! Recapping all the Big SDCC Reveals!

Join Jay from Geek.Dad.Life. As he moderates a panel featuring Pixel Dan, Toy Anxiety, Mad Hatter Reviews and Toying Around! We’ll talk about all of the big reveals from this years SDCC! Super7's Cat's Lair opened the show as this years Show Stopper, but the Haslab Ghost looked to challenge that on Friday. NECA also brought a giant to the convention, a LARGE scale Android Krang! So many things to discuss on this first ever ToyTubers Unite! Panel!