Dino Riders Reborn? Creative Beast Studio’s Cyberzoic Reveal!

Join Jay as David from Creative Beast Studio walks us through his Power-Con reveal of the upcoming Cyberzoic Kickstarter. It’s a line inspired by Dino Riders while doing something new!

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Is Mattel Creations Jurassic Park The Gate Worth $250?

Join John and Jay as they share their reactions LIVE to the new Mattel Creations Crowdfund Jurrasic Park “The Gates” set!

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Toy Hunting! At the Greensboro Toy Show! TMNT, Super Powers, Star Wars and More!

On this episode, Jay goes Toy Hunting at the Greensboro Toy Show in North Carolina. He finds one of the rarest TMNT items. The TMNT Channel 6 Newsvan by Playmates from 1993. He also finds a complete Super Powers Mr. Freeze, bootleg Star Wars, and more!

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