Toy Geeks! Ep. 013 “Pulse Con Predictions!”

Join John and Jay as they share what they think Hasbro is going to reveal at next weekends Hasbro Pulse Con! They also share some news and leaks that happened this past week with the Masters of the Universe (MOTU) Origins line and they share their latest Toy Hauls. All that and more on this weeks Toy Geeks!

00:00 Start
04:10 Recent Toy Hauls
19:46 Pulse Con Updates/Discussion
28:48 Star Wars Predictions
41:30 Marvel Predictions
46:56 GI Joe Predictions
51:46 Transformers Predictions
55:20 Ghostbusters Predicitons
01:04:51 Power Rangers Predictions
01:12:00 MOTU Leaks!
01:22:00 Toy Geeks! News!