Biker Mice from Mars Preorders Up at Nacelle!

Get ready for the first wave of Biker Mice From Mars action figures, now available for pre-order through Nacelle’s website! Each individual figure is priced at $35.99 and estimated to ship in late Fall/Winter 2023. Nacelle is also offering a bundle pack of all three biker mice for $107.97. We’ll keep an eye out to see if they are listed at through other retailers and let you know.

Here’s some details and links:

Biker Mice from Mars – Bundle $107.97. This bundle includes 7-inch scale figures of all three biker mice – Vinnie, Modo, and Throttle! Each figure is fully articulated and comes with its own individualized accessory. Bonus! The BMFM bundle also includes a special Biker Mice from Men magnet! [Nacelle]

Biker Mice from Mars – Throttle $35.99. It’s Throttle, the Biker Mice From Mars’ fearless leader! Throttle is 7-inches tall and fully articulated. He even comes with his trusty sprocket launcher accessory. [Nacelle]

Biker Mice from Mars – Modo $35.99. It’s the one-mouse army mouse with a bionic arm, rocket gun, and heart of gold – Modo! This 7-inch tall figure is full articulated. [Nacelle]

Biker Mice from Mars – Vinnie $35.99. It’s Vinnie, everyone’s favorite fiercely loyal biker mouse! This action figure is 7-inches tall, fully articulated, and comes with his Grip Claw accessory. [Nacelle]

Check ’em out in the gallery below!