New Jurassic Park LEGO Sets!

LEGO has put up five new Jurassic Park LEGO sets for pre-order. The sets, which vary in size and price, will be released this summer and are based on scenes from the movie. There are offerings for each age group! Check ’em out.

Pictures, details and affiliate links:

LEGO 76957 Jurassic Park Velociraptor Escape $39.99

137 pieces. Features a dinosaur pen with a tower, breakout function and winch to lower food to the Velociraptor, as well as a buildable off-roader vehicle, 2 minifigures and fun accessory element. Specially designed with Starter Bricks so even first-time builders can construct vehicles, buildings and more with just a bit of help from an older sibling or adult. Ages 4 and up. [Entertainment Earth, LEGO]

LEGO 76958 Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus Ambush $19.99

211 pieces. Features a Dilophosaurus figure and a buildable Jurassic Park Jeep toy with a driver’s seat for the Dennis Nedry minifigure, plus muddy minifigure and dinosaur footprint decoration. Also included is a small jungle build, including an ‘East Dock’ sign for the Jeep to knock over like in the movie and a Barbasol can. Ages 6 and up. [Entertainment Earth, LEGO]

LEGO 76960 Jurassic Park Brachiosaurus Discovery $79.99

512 pieces. Features a posable Brachiosaurus, which is the tallest LEGO dinosaur figure to date. It also features a buildable toy Jeep Wrangler  – with space for 3 minifigures – and a tree, which has a viewing platform and detachable leaf elements to ‘feed’ to the Brachiosaurus. Ages 9 and up. [Entertainment Earth, LEGO]

LEGO 76959 Jurassic Park Triceratops Research $49.99

281 pieces. Features an authentically detailed Jurassic Park Ford Explorer with an onboard navigation system element to track dinosaurs and space for the 2 minifigures – Dr. Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm. It also includes a posable Triceratops, buildable pile of dinosaur poop with a toxic berry element inside and a shovel accessory. Ages 8 and up. [Entertainment Earth, LEGO]

LEGO 76961 Jurassic Park Visitor Center: T. Rex and Raptor Attack $130.99

693 pieces. The Visitor Center’s distinctive architecture is captured in LEGO style, and the entrance hall, kitchen/dining area and lab are divided by semi-transparent screens with dinosaur graphics. If you put the posable T. rex skeleton in the entrance hall, you can make the ‘When dinosaurs ruled the Earth’ banner fall down at the flick of a trigger during battles between the T. rex and Velociraptor. Ages 12 and up. [Entertainment Earth, LEGO]