MOTU Origins Lady Slither Pictures and Review

Huge thanks to Mattel for sending us the new Masters of the Universe Origins Lady Slither to review and share pictures of with all of you. Check out Jay’s video review here. Lady Slither will be available for purchase for $35 on Mattel Creations beginning next Tuesday, September 12 at 12:00 p.m. ET/9:00 a.m. PT.

About Lady Slither:

The Snake Men get their queen as Lady Slither joins the Masters of the Universe Origins line. This leader
of the Snake Men can transform the lower half of her body into a snake to slither into the Masters’
nightmares. Lady Slither has never been made into a figure before.

  • Comes with articulated attachable tail, staff, and knife
  • 16 points of articulation in 5.5” scale
  • Includes mini comic that reveals her origins
  • Comes in premium MOTU origins packaging

Here’s pictures of Lady S. As you can see, you can swap out her bottom half to show her in serpent or humanoid form. The lower half of the humanoid form is pretty much loooks like Teela-repaint. She comes with the more modern knees but it’s otherwise pretty plain. The upper half has a lot of paint detail, with nice gold highlights on her cuff-lets, chest hair, and head dress. Her cape is that rubbery material that we’ve seen on other MOTU figures. Her snake staff is the same one as Teela – could there be a direct connection there? She also comes with a gold Sword of the Serpent accessory.

The snake tail looks fantastic. It’s more articulated than we were expecting and it also fits with some of the male snake figures, like Fangor (see below).

Here’s the packaging. It has a really cool Medusa/snake-themed boxed set with an embossed brass or gold-coined relief of Lady Slither with all of the snakes surrounding her head. The bio for Lady Slither is on the back of the box. As for the actual packaging of the figure itself, the card-back features a full-color large canvas picture of Lady Slither on her throne with her humanoid feet with the same two characters that were on the back of the Wal-mart exclusive Moss Man.

On the front of the box, there are new characters that we haven’t seen in the Origins line yet: Vypor, Stretch Nek, and Reptilax, as well as Fangor and Lady Slither’s lair in the background.

Up next for Mattel, it’s Eternia’s Choice, which allows fans to vote on what the next Masters of the Universe crowdfund project should be.

Jay’s video review of MOTU Origins Lady Slither can be found here.