Hello! In honor of the 41st anniversary of Masters of the Universe, our good friends at Mattel have planned a fun 2-week “Skelebration” leading up to the big day. Join us from now thru October 12 for new reveals, exclusive content releases, epic product announcements, and more!

Today’s reveals are new social media tools featuring Skeletor himself. There’s account logos in color and black & white, asocial media cover photos, a mobile background, and even a profile ring (we changed the GDL one on Twitter and the banner photo using the profile ring).  In addition, Mattel has partnered with a new social media platform called Typpo, which allows people to create new videos as they speak. The collaboration features a special design language for Skelebration, where you can transform your own voice into Skeletor’s. It’s pretty fun!

Stay tuned for new drops over the next two weeks! Make sure you’ve got notifications turned on for the GDL YouTube channel, specially for 12:00 p.m. ET tomorrow, October 3.