Four Horsemen Unveil New Figura Obscura: The Ghost of Jacob Marley Figure

Four Horsemen Studios has released their latest Figura Obscura figure The Ghost of Jacob Marley.

The Ghost of Jacob Marley is available for order now exclusively from for $60. The figure is loaded with brand new parts, including a harness full of chains that old Marley drags around, the chains which he forged in life.

The Ghost of Jacob Marley Figura Obscura line also includes a mug, an enamel pin, and a 10-pack of cards. You can also get the “all in” pack for $95. Each item will begin shipping immediately, but it can take as much as three weeks for your order to process. Payment will be collected at the time of the purchase. ANY order cancellations made will incur a $15 cancellation fee. Check ’em all out – and more – on Store Horsemen!

Figura Obscura: The Ghost of Jacob Marley $60; This 1:12 (approx 7-inches), highly articulated “GHOST OF JACOB MARLEY” deluxe action figure will come in a 4-color window box package with removable background display cover, and character-specific packaging details and accessories.. Final paints and certain details on the final product may vary slightly from the prototype images shown. All figures also include an illustrated mini-comic featuring the first chapter of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, which is where this character comes from.

Figura Obscura: ALL IN – The Ghost of Jacob Marley$95; In addition to the Jacob Marley figure, this ALL IN set also includes 1 soft enamel Jacob Marley pin (it glows in the dark!), 1 handcrafted European metal enamelware mug imported from Poland, and a 10-pack of holiday greeting cards.

Figura Obscura: The Ghost of Jacob Marley metal fireside mug$20; The popular Figura Obscura mugs are back! This Handmade European enamelware metal mug was importanted from Poland specifically so Legionairres could enjoy their holiday beverages in style! These custom mugs feature the new artwork of the Figura Obscura: The Ghost of Jacob Marley release across the entire mug!

Figura Obsura: The Ghost of Jacob Marley Greeting Cards$10; This greeting card 10-pack comes with envelopes. All 10 cards are the same design with “Happy Holidays” on the front alongside some spirits, and the face of Marley on the back!