G.I. Joe Adding O-Ring to Fall 2024 Line-Up & to the Cobra Mothership Crowdfund Goals

Super7 announced on Pixel Dan’s channel that they’re adding an O-ring figure line beginning in Fall 2024. The line will kick up with characters from G.I. Joe Sunbow, DiC, and ’80s Comic.

To celebrate, Super7 is re-deploying their Tier 3 unlock (Super7 Exclusive Cobra Viper Gunner Commander Reaction & O-Ring Figures) to be part of the base Cobra Mothership offering. This means backers will now get four figures instead of two.

From Super7:

Designed to look and feel like the vintage toy line from the early ‘80s, our O-Ring Figures will feature rubber O-Ring construction and have 12 points of articulation for ultimate posability!

Custom built to scale with 3.75” ReAction Figures and vintage G.I. Joe O-Ring Figures, the Cobra Mothership is a massive 31” in diameter, has numerous awesome defense details and battery-powered light up engine features, includes an arsenal of accessories, and comes with FOUR exclusive Cobra Viper Gunner figures – two ReAction Figures and two O-Ring Figures!

The Mothership needs to hit their backer threshold by December 11, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. PT in order for this to happen. As of right now, they have less than 1,500 backers out of the 4,000 needed to fund. Click here to become a backer or check out the Mothership crowdfund.