Mondo’s Masters of the Universe Orko 1/6 Scale Figure – Timed Edition

Pre-orders are now open for the Masters of the Universe Orko 1/6 Scale Figure from Mondo. This Timed Edition Orko is available from Jan. 23 at 1:00 p.m. ET through Jan. 30 at 12:59 p.m. ET. This awesome-looking figure comes with not only Orko but also Orko Classic and Dree Elle mini figures and stands, and Orko’s playmate Daimar the Demon.

Orko is priced at $235 and is scheduled to ship in June 2024. Mondo is offering free shipping to the US, Canada, UK, and the EU. There is a limit of 3 figures per person, household, etc.

From Mondo:

Our Orko 1/6 Scale Figure comes complete with a scepter and fabric robe as well as a slew of swappable hands and portraits, including the never-before-produced unmasked Orko. The figure also provides a first glimpse at Orko’s legs! (Yes, Orko has legs.)
As an added bonus, in addition to the main figure, our deluxe Timed Edition features Orko Classic and Dree Elle mini figures and stands, plus Orko’s playmate Daimar the Demon.

Product Details:

Figure Heights:

  • Orko Main Figure – 6.5″
  • Orko Classic – 3″
  • Dree Elle – 3″
  • Daimar – 2″

Product includes:

  • Orko Figure
  • Orko Standard Portrait
  • Orko Mondo Portrait
  • Orko Unmaksed Portrait
  • Dree Elle Mini Figure
  • Classic Orko Mini Figure
  • Daimar Mini Figure
  • Stuffed animal figure
  • Scepter
  • Swirling Magic effect swappable hand
  • Magic Energy effect swappable hand
  • Fabric Robe
  • Two clear figure stands for mini Classic Orko and Dree Elle mini figures
  • Large clear figure stand with articulated arm for main Orko figure
  • 10 swappable hands

Check out images in the gallery below or head over to Mondo Shop to order yours.