Hasbro Pulse Celebrates G.I. Joe’s 6th Anniversary with New Classified Series Render Reveals

February 1 is G.I. Joe’s 60th Anniversary! In honor of 60 years of the Original Action Figure, Hasbro unveiled new pipeline render reveals. Check ’em out! Text is from Hasbro’s Twitter account.

Carl “Doc” Greer: Key to the #GIJoe franchise has been embracing the diversity of characters and roles of our #RealAmericanHero. We’re proud to introduce into the #ClassifiedSeries line fan-favorite Carl “Doc” Greer. Donning iconic green-tinted glasses, Doc is ready to patch up his fellow Joes!

Torch: What’s a hero without a competent (or in this case incompetent) villain? Completing a classic trio of stooges for your #GIJoe #ClassifiedSeries collection is #Dreadnok Torch. Pop open a grape soda, throw on a Cold Slither album, and ready your fire extinguisher for Torch.

Roadblock and Tripwire: Sometimes a #GIJJoe Special Mission requires a special team of operatives. #TigerForce Roadblock and Tripwire with robot M.A.C.L.E.O.D. This 6-in #ClassifiedSeries Roadblock is finally paired with his signature weapon accessory alongside Tripwire, all decked out in their stripes!

Nightcreeper Trooper: #Cobra has to open its purse strings and hire some mercenary forces to combat these latest Joe recruits. Joining the Ninja ranks of the Cobra forces are the #NightCreeper troops, customized with their amazing accessories to pit waves of Ninjas against your Joe forces.

Agent Kim “Jinx” Arashikagi: #GIJoe has a ninja or two of their own to combat the mercenary legions of #Cobra Night-Creepers. New to the #GIJoeClassifiedSeries line is Ninja Intelligence Agent Kim “Jinx” Arashikagi. Attach her blindfold accessory to recreate her iconic training scene from #GIJoeTheMovie.

Gnawgahyde, Porkbelly, and Yobbo: Last, but not least! #GIJoeClassifiedSeries loves to draw inspiration from the storied past of Joe lore! With the #ClassifiedSeries debut of #Dreadnok Gnawgahyde, Porkbelly, and Yobbo, the mercenary poacher figure comes with not 1, but 2 pets – a warthog and macaque!