Flip-Or Kickstarter Announces New Enemy Figure is Now Available to Order

Mad Hatter has added a new enemy figure to the Flip-Or Kickstarter! If you back it at the $49 level, you’ll get FLAK-R Flip-Or’s evil robotic nemesis. FLAK-R is also part of a $130 3-park bundle with an additional swappable head with his tongue sticking out and 2 FLAK-BOT figures.

From the Flip-Or Kickstarter:

Champions of Nefarity, we got a problem!! It seems that Flip-or’s first BOT-turned-psychopath has come out of hiding and is challenging his former master’s very own Kickstarter campaign! Introducing Flip-ors  robotic doppelgänger nemesis and all around bad guy — FLAK-R ( Fucking Lazy Asshole Killer Robot) who has been given that moniker by his creator because of his penchant for FLAKING on potential buyers. And because he poses as Flip-or while he does it, that means our favorite nefarious Flipper is consistently losing money because this toxically violent, bastard is out there!! And with his own twisted BOT army and the help of his sadistic little buddy GOT-CHA, he’s got his eyes set on absolute mayhem. Adjust your pledge if you like this sonofabitch and enter the world of Flak-R

This campaign ends on April 1. You can track it’s progress through Brian Brink’s Charts here. Head over the Kickstarter to back it if you haven’t done so already. You can also catch Mad Hatter on the next an upcoming Toy Geeks with Jay.