Hasbro Pulse Star Wars March 20 Fanstream Reveals

Hasbro Pulse‘s Star Wars team did a fanstream today with new reveals for the Black Series, Vintage Collection, Holocrom Collection, and Roleplaying collection. They also announced that the next Star Wars HasLab is coming the week of May 4. It will be a part of the Vintage Collection. Here’s a recap of the stream:

Recap of previous reveals:

  • Star Wars: The Black Series Jedi Fallen Order 3-pack
  • Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Captain Enoch and Thrawn’s Night Troopers
  • Star Wars: The Vintage Classic Star Wars A New Hope Stormtrooper (Now available in Mainline)
  • Star Wars: The Vintage Classic Darth Vader from Star Wars: A New Hope

New Reveals:

Star Wars: The Vintage Collection: Preorders begin on March 21 at 1:0o p.m. ET, Summer 2024 release; Mainline in US and Canada, Fan Channel and Amazon in Europe, Fan Channel in Asia and Pacific

    • A New Hope Princess Leia: Featured in her A New Hope outfit (plastic) with hood in two poses. Comes with blaster pixel. Uses original style kenner packaging; VC #316
    • A New Hope R2-D2: Refresh of VC #149

Star Wars: The Black Series Holocom Collection: Available on fan channels on March 21 at 1:0o p.m. ET; Fall 2024 release

  • Darth Mal: They swapped out Aurebesh with propaganda that reads, “Await the dawn.” Made using the same clear material execution as the other ones in the Holocrom collection. Packaging has light-up render
    • Target exclusive in US, Toys R Us in Canada, Fan Channels and Hasbro Pulse in Europe and Asia, EBGames/Zing in Pacific

Star Wars The Black Series: The Acolyte Wave 1: All window box packaging that forms a mural using side images; Preorders begin March 21, 1:00 p.m. ET. Mainline US and Canada, Fan channels, Amazon, and Hasbro Pulse in Europe, and Fan Channel Asia

  • Jedi Master Sol: Brand new figure, unique lightsaber with blue blade, soft goods robe that can be removed; brown belt; Window box packaging.
  • Padawan Jecki Lon: Fully newly sculpted alien species Jedi; has a green lightsaber; soft goods removable Jedi robe, Details on side of head; window box packaging
  • Jedi Knight Yord Fandar: Comes with yellow lightsaber; also has removable soft goods Jedi robe; window box packaging
  • Jedi Master Indara: Another brand new figure with latest articulation; Green-bladed lightsaber and soft goods robe; Tunic is more white than what we’re used to seeing. Window box packaging
  • Mae the Assassin: Another brand new figure; Comes with four throwing knives that store in porch on thigh; comes with soft goods purple robes with chain mail on skirt and arms, metal plate on chest

Star Wars The Vintage Collection: Pre-orders March 21 at 1:00 p.m. Mainline US and Canada, Fan channels, Amazon, and Hasbro Pulse in Europe, and Fan Channel Asia.

    • Mae the Assassin: VC#328, Purple soft goods cloak, chain mail across skirt and arms, wooden-looking armor and chest plate, two daggers,
    • Jedi Master Sol: Jedi robe, yellow costume detail, comes with lightsaber, unlit lightsaber hilt, Cardback packaging

Premium Roleplay: Pre-orders begin 1:00 p.m. ET on March 21; Available Spring 2025; Fan channels, Amazon, and Hasbro Pulse in US and Europe, Mainline in Canada, and Fan Channel in Asia

  • Moth Gideon Premium Roleplay Helmet: Details reference back to Vespar origins, Front vizor lights up; soft red padding; full detailed out interior

Jaba’s Throne Room Packaging: Included Card backs are Salacious B. Crum (VC66A) and 8D8

Pipeline Reveals:

The Black Series: Deedra, Imperial Armored Commando, and Ahoska

The Vintage Collection:

Jetpack Trooper, Grand Admiral Thrawn (live action), Trooper builder 4-pack of grunt X-wing pilots, Blurrg and Mandalorian, Moth Gideon’s Imperial Light Cruiser Hallway Playset; With a troop building Mandalorian privateer figure