MOTU Origins: Fall 2024 Reveals!

By the Power of Grayskull, Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Fall 2024 Origins line has been revealed!

Mattel sent us high-resolution images of their Fall 2024 catalogue to share with all of you. These reveals include long-awaited action figures for characters such as Cartoon Evil-Lynn, a Prince Adam and Cringer 2-packThe Collector, Origins x Stranger Things He-Man and Vecna, and more. Check them out below!

You can watch Jay’s video breaking down all of the reveals and giving their reactions to it over on the Geek. Dad. Life. YouTube page at this link.

Pre-orders begin on Wednesday, March 27 with a Fall 2024 release. Crimson Horde and Terroar are Walmart Exclusives. The Origins x Stranger Things He-Man and Vecna 2-pack is a Target Exclusive. Vypor and Reptilax are Fan Channel Exclusives.

Here’s Mattel’s MOTU 2024 Fall Catalog Origins Line:

Cartoon Collection Evil-Lyn

Cartoon Collection Webstor

Cartoon Collection Clawful

Cartoon Collection Spikor

Cartoon Collections Prince Adam and Cringer

Cartoon Collection The Collector

Terroar *Walmart Exclusive*

Crimson Horde Trooper *Walmart Exclusive*

Origins x Stranger Things He-Man and Vecna *Target Exclusive*

Reptilax *Fan Channel*

Vypor *Fan Channel*