Mondo Teases Real Ghostbusters Toy Line at C2E2!

During their panel at C2E2Mondo Toys teased a Real Ghostbusters toyline! We don’t have any info yet, like which figures we’re getting, but this is exciting news!!

Here’s a picture a GDL listener sent us from the panel:

As we talked about in November when Alex Brewer released some of his fan artwork concepts on his Instagram page, this is the line that so many Ghostbusters fans have been wanting for ages. Not only do they faithfully capture the look of the characters from the beloved cartoon, Alex even updated the classic companion ghosts that came with the original Kenner figures. He’s also done a faithful recreation of Samhain, a bad guy that Ghostbusters fans have wanted in action figure form since the 1980s. Kylie, an Extreme Ghostbusters character, is featured as well. 

Check out all of Alex’s Ghostbusters fan art concepts below:

Real Ghostbusters Fan Art Concepts:

Real Ghostbusters Peter Venkman:

Real Ghostbusters Egon Spengler:

Real Ghostbusters Ray Stantz:

Real Ghostbusters Winston Zeddemore:

Fright Features Egon Spengler:

Real Ghostbusters Samhain:

Real Ghostbusters Kylie Griffin: