Four Horsemen Studios Reveal New Mythic Legions Ashes of Agbendor Wave

By Jonathan Donath

The legendary Four Horsemen Studios have announced their latest wave of Mythic Legions fantasy action figures, Ashes of Agbendor, and boy is it massive. With 2024 being the 10th anniversary of the Mythic Legions line, it was reasonable to think the Horsemen might go big, but they have surpassed expectations with a staggering ten-figure wave which encompasses a wide range of characters, sizes and colors. The Horsemen pack in the value, including more and more parts to spark your creativity if you are into popping and swapping your figures. On the other hand, the exquisite sculpting and paint detail are on another level, for those who are looking to pose their figures and simply set them on the shelf. Trust me when I say there is something here for everyone.

That idea is illustrated with the first reveal, the Blue Shield Soldier Deluxe Builder pack, which comes loaded with a variety of knight parts, accessories and soft goods designed by the inimitable CJESIM. This set is an experienced customizer’s dream, with enough parts to replenish a creator’s arsenal for days. On the other hand, this is the perfect first set for someone new to Legions who is looking to give popping and swapping (a hallmark of the Mythic Legions line) a first try. Check here for the full load out, which is too expansive to list here.

Of course, the Horsemen didn’t stop there, rolling out The Malignancy of Gobhollow (2-pack set), which is a set of 2 goblin action figures, with enough extra parts included to create no less than four (4) unique goblins. The wave continues with a massive “Shadow Centaur,” a “Frost Ogre” (again, with enough parts included to create 2 unique frost ogre characters), a winged angelic-Knight character, a thief character with three (3) distinct heads, and a traveling wizard character, again, all packed with accessories, hands, CJESIM soft goods and extra heads.

Again, the value included in this release cannot be understated. For example, Azza Spiritbender 2, an updated version of a previously released character, includes 2 heads, weapons, 3 sets of hands, multiple translucent magic effects pieces, and a spellbook on a real chain, all for just $37.00. Likewise, the Gold Skeleton 2 is a gold skeleton action figure, which includes 2 heads, 5 sets of hands, 2 sets of feet, weapons and, of course, those giant, partially translucent wings, all for $40.00.

While the figures are amazing on their own, the Horsemen weave the figures in and out of an over-arching epic story, adding lore behind some of the design choices. For example, the gold color of the skeleton is explained by the fact that the gold skeletons are angelic warriors who fell in battle but were later resurrected by one of the key dark villains in the story. Like, WOW. Finally, the Four Horsemen include all kinds of references and nods to their fans, going so far as to name some of the characters after long time fans. There are so many levels to this wave, its mind boggling. And, still, the figures are SO gorgeous in and of themselves, you don’t have to be familiar with the lore, prior waves or the community behind it, to enjoy them.

This wave is currently up for pre-order here. Hit that link to preorder and, to check out the incredible photos of this wave taken by the one and only Trevor Williams (@onesix_shooter).

Pre-orders began on Friday, May 31st, 2024, at 8:30pm EST, and will close on Sunday, June 30th, 2024, at 11pm EST. After that, the wave will go directly into production, with the figures expected to hit next year. Whether you are a longtime Legions fan or have never owned a Mythic Legions figure in your life, it is very likely there is something here that will speak to you.