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Every Wondercon ’24 Reveal! Hasbro, McFarlane and more!

Join Jay and special guest host Mad Hatter as they talk about the latest in toy news! McFarlane andHasbro brought some great reveals to the 2024 Wondercon in Anaheim California. Including O-Ring Ghostbusters, Marvel Legends, Star Wars, DC Universe, MLB Stars and more!

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Delta-17 is Keeping O-Rings Alive!

Join Jay with as he unboxes figures from the new Delta-17 toy line an original series of toys that leverage the O-Ring system that classic 3.75 inch military inspired figures used in the 80s. He'll be joined by Steve from the Delta-17 team as well as Ken from Toy Kennections to talk about the new toyline!

New Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Toys are Popping Up!

Join Jay as he talks about the main retail toy line for Ghostbusters Frozen Empire starting to show up in stores and on online! They are pulling from previous tooling they used for Afterlife, but have added some fun new twists!