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Why Playmates Why? TMNT Origins Dead on Arrival?

Join Jay and special guest hosts from Mondo Toys as they talk about the latest in toy news! Pixel Dan was able to get high res images of those remastered TMNT toys that shows overly pock marked skin on all of the turtles. Does this ruin the potential for origins style TMNT figures? Mondo is selling their Deluxe Teela figure and we have our first look at Necro-conda in package. The all adies wave of GI Ultimates from Super7 was canceled. We'll talk about all of this and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

Every Wondercon ’24 Reveal! Hasbro, McFarlane and more!

Join Jay and special guest host Mad Hatter as they talk about the latest in toy news! McFarlane andHasbro brought some great reveals to the 2024 Wondercon in Anaheim California. Including O-Ring Ghostbusters, Marvel Legends, Star Wars, DC Universe, MLB Stars and more!

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