Spero Toys AWOK Power-Con Reveals! Wave 6 and more!

Join Jay as Jason from Spero Toys walks us through the Power-Con reveals for his Animal Warriors of the Kingdom toy line! They just revealed figures from Wave 6 as well as figures from wave’s 3 and 4. They are some of the best all new toy brands and lines to come out in a long time, and its great to see all they have coming up!

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Is Super7 REALLY Making an Ultimates Thundercats Cat’s Lair?

Join John and Jay as they break down the latest in Toy News! Super7 teased that a new Thundercats Cat’s Lair would be coming soon. The rumor is that it will be an Ultimates scaled version, which is blowing a lot of collectors minds. Are they really going to do that? We’ll check in on the GI Joe Classified Haslab Dragonfly. Animal Warriors of the Kingdom is taking orders on a new wave. It’s the official TMNT Mutant Mayhem toy launch day, we’ll talk about all of that and more tonight on toy geeks!

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