Marvel Legends Spider-Man Retro 2023 Wave 1 Preorder Links and Pics

Last week, Haslab’s Marvel team previewed a ton of new Marvel Legends figures during their March 1 Fanstream. Yesterday, 8 of those figures went up for presale: Spider-Man Retro Wave characters from this and all of the Spider-Verses. The figures included in Wave 1 are¬†Miles Morales Spider-Man, Rose, Ben Reilly Spider-Man, Tarantula, Jessica Drew Spider-Woman,¬†Elektra […]

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Preorders for Marvel Legends VHS Doc Ock + Aunt May Open on Hasbro Pulse

As revealed during their live stream yesterday, Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Spider-Man Animated VHS Aunt May and Doc Ock 2-pack went up for preorder exclusively at Hasbro Pulse at 1:00 p.m. ET today. The set is priced at $52.99 and will ship on or around July 1. Click here to preorder it! From Hasbro Pulse: These […]

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Haslab Proton Pack Unlocks Dreams!

Join Jay as he lives out a childhood dream of owning a full size accurate replica of a Ghostbusters Proton Pack! The Hasbro Pulse Haslab project was a big success, but does it deliver on its promise of a full scale Proton Pack replica at a fraction of the price of a custom one? Watch this 4K review to find out!

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Next GI Joe Classified Haslab Rumors Swirl around Dragonfly?

Join John and Jay as they discuss the rumors that the next GI Joe Classified Series Haslab is going to be a 3ft Dragonfly with multiple figures. Sources countering these claims hit the net almost as soon as the rumors first arrived. Is this a good sequel to the very successful Hisstank Haslab or should they go in a different direction? Join in the discussion on this special edition of Toy Geeks!

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Haslab Galactus Vs. Sentinel, Who’s Best?

#shorts #marvellegends #haslab Having both Giant Marvel Legends, I’ve wondered which one is best… The great Army Builder or the devourer of worlds? Let me know what you think!

Watch my full review of the Haslab Galactus!

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Hasbro Pulse 1027 Event Recap!

Join John and Jay as they recap all of the reveals from the Hasbro Pulse Premium 1027 event! Will there be any reveals or exclusives of note? We’ll breakdown them all during this post show livestream!

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MOTU Origins Eternia Vs. Haslab Ghost Rider, Success or Failure?

Join John and Jay as they check in on 2 big crowdfunding projects, Mattel’s MASSIVE Eternia and Hasbro’s electric but controversial Ghost Rider Haslab. Super7 Unveiled a strong Thundercats wave, but the Prices are too strong. NECA answers the call on Prey Predator figures and looks to steal Super7’s Nightmare Before Christmas thunder. All of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Hasbro Pulse Con 2022 Day 1 Recap!

Join Jay and John with special guests Dan Who Reviews as they recap all of the reveals from Day 1 of Hasbro’s Pulse Con 2022. Transformers, Power Rangers, Starting Lineup, Fortnight and Marvel Legends all brought new stuff to the table, join us live to share thoughts on all of them!

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Ghost Rider Haslab, Fears 4 Tiers. Mephisto, Blackheart and Orb??

Join John and Jay as they followup on the lastest Marvel Legends Haslab, The Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance. Dan Yun confirmed key details for the upcoming tiers for the project. We’ll share our top guesses for the tiers along with all of you! We’ll talk about new pre-orders for super7 and the reveals out of the new toy magazine Toy Collectr all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Marvel Legends Haslab Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance Revealed!

Join John and Jay as they talk about the reveal of the latest Marvel Legends Haslab, The Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance. A 1:12th scale vehicle with tons of lights and accessories looks amazing, but its $350 price tag may make is not as accessible as previous Haslabs. Where do you side? Is it a Must buy? Or are you Priced out? Join the dicussion Live!

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