Haslab Ghost Has 10 Days Left, Will All Tiers Unlock?

Join Jay with special guest host Mega Jay Retro as they break down the latest in toy news! Things are winding down on the TVC Ghost Haslab and there is still nearly 6k backers to go to unlock the last Zeb Tier. Mezco is taking preorders on a 5POA TMNT set. The first Target Fall Geek Out exclusive McFarlane sets are a bit of a mixed bag. And Badoochi Studios gives us the Stay Puft head we all want on a premium figure. We’ll talk about all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Star Wars Ghost Haslab First Look at SDCC!

Join Jay as he films the Hasbro Star Wars team unveiling the TVC Ghost Haslab for the first time! This thing is insane with so much detail, and it doesn’t seem to miss any area of the ship that you would want it to have!

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SDCC ’23 Hasbro Press Breakfast!

Join Jay as he walks through the Hasbro Press breakfast at SDCC ’23. We’ll walk through the tables for Selfie Series 2.0, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, GI Joe and Marvel!

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GI Joe Haslab Hiss Tank? Hasbro’s Classified Tease

Join John and Jay as they break down the latest in toy news like Hasbro’s Yo Joe event where they teased a GI Joe Classified Series Haslab. We’ll talk about the clues they left and what it could be (has to be Hiss Tank right?) They’ll also talk about the Obi-Wan Wednesday Retro reveals. Nate Baertsch continues to make amazing artwork for the Masterverse New Eternia figures, and we’ll look at his new Beastman box art. We’ll Stump John, all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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