Haslab Cantina Stalls With a Short Runway

Join Jay with special guest Ryan Doell as they talk about the latest in toy news. The Haslab Star Wars Cantina sales line has flattened out and the higher tiers are at risk. Will this make it one of the more valuable Star Wars pieces? Super7 revealed new Thundercats and Toxic Crusaders figs and teased their 2003 turtles. NECA revealed their first SDCC figure, what could be next? We’ll talk about all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Hasbro’s 1027 and MCM London Comic Con Reveals!

Join Jay with special guest host Dan Larson from Secret Galaxy as they talk about the latest in toy news! Hasbro had a ton of reveals between their 1027 Hasbro Pulse event and MCM London Comic Con. The biggest of the reveals being the GI Joe Vamp and the next Ghostbusters Haslab the Two in the Box PKE Meter and Ghost Trap set. It’s the last week to back Street Humans, Russ from Shartimus Prime will stop by to answer any questions. And Ace from Ramen toys looks to fix everyones McFarlane batmobile. We’ll talk about all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Haslab Giant Man’s UNREAL Last Day

Join Jay as he breaks down the Unprecedented run of the Haslab Giant Man. While the Marvel Legends team listened to fan feedback on the failed Engine of Vengence and made some big changes to their next crowdfund. The Haslab Giant didn’t light the collecting world on fire and didn’t fund until an unreal last day spike that nearly hit every tier. Jay digs into the numbers with the help of Brian Brink’s Chart Mastery.

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Super7’s GI Joe Crowdfund Dead on Arrival? Wallets Overtaxed

Join Jay and special guest Kirk from The Geek Effect as they talk about the bad start to Super7’s GI Joe Mothership crowdfund, that along with Hasbro’s Giant Man inching along, with other big crowdfunds on the horizon for MOTU (and potentially Ghostbusters). Have we reached the oversaturation point for collectors wallets? Or is it a case of bad choices that has led to poor performance?

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Giant Man Reveals Future Problems for Marvel Legends Haslabs

Join Jay and Doell as they breakdown the latest in Toy News! The Marvel team at Hasbro reveled their latest Marvel Legends Haslab, and while it looks great and is priced well, it reveals problems Marvel Haslabs may have in the future. Mattel is letting fans vote for their new big Mattel Creations Masters of the Universe Crowdfund and the options have fans excited. We’ve got more holiday Star Wars figures and we’ll try to Stump Doell tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Strong Debut for Haslab Marvel Legends Giant-Man?

Join Jay as he talks about the reveal and first day of performance for the latest Marvel Legends Haslab, Giant Man. Brian Brink has charts and we’ll check how its first day performance stacks up!

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Haslab Ghost Has 10 Days Left, Will All Tiers Unlock?

Join Jay with special guest host Mega Jay Retro as they break down the latest in toy news! Things are winding down on the TVC Ghost Haslab and there is still nearly 6k backers to go to unlock the last Zeb Tier. Mezco is taking preorders on a 5POA TMNT set. The first Target Fall Geek Out exclusive McFarlane sets are a bit of a mixed bag. And Badoochi Studios gives us the Stay Puft head we all want on a premium figure. We’ll talk about all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Star Wars Ghost Haslab First Look at SDCC!

Join Jay as he films the Hasbro Star Wars team unveiling the TVC Ghost Haslab for the first time! This thing is insane with so much detail, and it doesn’t seem to miss any area of the ship that you would want it to have!

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Operation Dragonfly Haslab Hits 16,000 Backers, Classified Glenda Unlocked

It took 29 days, but on Day 39 of the campaign, the Operation Dragonfly Haslab has finally reached the 16,000 backers needed to unlock Classified Jane “Glenda” Mullighan, the second stretch goal. Glenda joins Night Force Rip Cord and Classic Wild Bill. The third and final goal, revealed earlier this week to be Night Force David “Crazylegs” […]

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Star Wars ‘Ghost’ Haslab Confirmed? Hasbro Teases SW Haslab!

Join John and Jay as they talk about the latest in Toy News! Hasbro dropped a tweet in Aurebesh that may have confirmed that the next Hasbro Haslab will be the Ghost. The famous ship from Star Wars Rebels. Super7 continues to tease a possible Ultimates Thundercats Cats Lair. YoJoe June concludes with updates on the GI Joe Dragonfly Haslab. Neca is finally taking orders on their ‘Dinosaurs’ figures and Indiana Jones has some great and not so great new figure reveals.

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