Haslab Giant Man’s UNREAL Last Day

Join Jay as he breaks down the Unprecedented run of the Haslab Giant Man. While the Marvel Legends team listened to fan feedback on the failed Engine of Vengence and made some big changes to their next crowdfund. The Haslab Giant didn’t light the collecting world on fire and didn’t fund until an unreal last day spike that nearly hit every tier. Jay digs into the numbers with the help of Brian Brink’s Chart Mastery.

Please check out the Channel that Brian is a part of here!:

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Giant Man Reveals Future Problems for Marvel Legends Haslabs

Join Jay and Doell as they breakdown the latest in Toy News! The Marvel team at Hasbro reveled their latest Marvel Legends Haslab, and while it looks great and is priced well, it reveals problems Marvel Haslabs may have in the future. Mattel is letting fans vote for their new big Mattel Creations Masters of the Universe Crowdfund and the options have fans excited. We’ve got more holiday Star Wars figures and we’ll try to Stump Doell tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Strong Debut for Haslab Marvel Legends Giant-Man?

Join Jay as he talks about the reveal and first day of performance for the latest Marvel Legends Haslab, Giant Man. Brian Brink has charts and we’ll check how its first day performance stacks up!

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