What’s Next for Haslab? Marvel Legends Ghost Rider?

Join Jay and John as they talk about what is next for Hasbro’s Haslab as they tease a Marvel Legends drop with a 50th Anniversary Ghost Rider logo. They’ll round up on what’s next for the Hiss Tank as it has plateaued on backers, will they add one more tier? And the Reva Lightsaber didn’t make it, with 2 strikes in a row can the Hasbro Star Wars team avoid striking out?

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Haslab HISS Tank at SDCC! Plus O-Rings and Classifieds!

#SDCC #GDL #gijoe Join Jay as he walks through Hasbro’s GI-Joe section of their SDCC booth! He will take an up close look at a painted prototype of the Haslab HISS Tank and it looks AMAZING!!

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CoCo Crazy! Haslab HISS Tank Clears ALL Tiers!

Join John and Jay as they talk about the latest in Toy News like the Haslab Cobra HISS Tank hitting all 4 tiers revealed by Hasbro including the Classic Cobra Commander with Mickey Mouse chest logo. They’ll talk about SDCC toy news like Super7’s Shogun Godzilla offerings and more!

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3 Tiers Cleared? Haslab HISS Tank Breaks Records!

Join Jay with special guest Ryan Doell from YHS’s Toy Anxiety as they break down the biggest toy news from the past week. The GI Joe team at Hasbro has to be thrilled with the success of their Classified Series HISS Tank. It has nearly blown through all stretch goals within a week while still having over 40 days left to collect orders. What will the last Tier be? Will they add more? Join us live as we break down the results and hypothesize what is to come!

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Haslab Cobra HISS Tank Revealed!!

Join Jay with Ken from Toy Kennections and Ryan Doell from YHS’s Toy Anxiety as they react and breakdown to the first ever GI Joe Classified Series Haslab Project, The Cobra HISS Tank!!

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GI Joe Haslab Hiss Tank? Hasbro’s Classified Tease

Join John and Jay as they break down the latest in toy news like Hasbro’s Yo Joe event where they teased a GI Joe Classified Series Haslab. We’ll talk about the clues they left and what it could be (has to be Hiss Tank right?) They’ll also talk about the Obi-Wan Wednesday Retro reveals. Nate Baertsch continues to make amazing artwork for the Masterverse New Eternia figures, and we’ll look at his new Beastman box art. We’ll Stump John, all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Success for Haslab Skystriker and Failure for the Rancor

Join John and Jay on a special mid day live stream as they discuss the success, failure and fallout after 2 high profile Haslab Projects closed out their 45 day campaigns. The failure of the Rancor was shocking and somewhat expected, and the meteoric finish to the Skystriker got a lot of stretch goals that most didn’t think were possible.

Join us for a fun discussion live!

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Haslab Rancor Vs. Skystriker with Dan Larson & Mike Kaess

Will we see the biggest blow to the Haslab model? Or will one or both end in Success?

Join John and Jay with Special Guests Dan Larson and Mike Kaess as they breakdown the two Haslabs that are still a ways away from getting backed, with only a few days before their backing windows close.

Dan is going to pitch why you should back the Skystriker and Mike is going to do his best to convince you to back the Rancor instead. Either way this should be a fun discussion!

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Back the Haslab Skystriker! With Dan Larson of Toy Galaxy!

Join John and Jay with special guest Dan Larson from Toy Galaxy as they talk about the latest in toy news especially why you should back the Haslab Skystriker 😉 They’ll share their latest toy hauls and try to Stump John.

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Hasbro Pulse-Con Day 2 Recap! First Gi Joe Haslab ever!

Join John and Jay with Special guest Mad Hatter recap day 2 of Hasbro Pulse Con that revealed a whole bunch of new GI Joe merch including the first every GI Joe Haslab Skystriker! The Marvel team brought a bunch of reveals as well, but it seemed to be GI Joe’s day! Join us for a live discussion as we wrap up Hasbro Pulse-Con 2021

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