SDCC ’23 Hasbro Press Breakfast!

Join Jay as he walks through the Hasbro Press breakfast at SDCC ’23. We’ll walk through the tables for Selfie Series 2.0, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, GI Joe and Marvel!

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Every 2023 SDCC Exclusive Breakdown!

Join John and Jay with special guest Kyle from Super7 as they break down as many of the 2023 SDCC exclusives available at this years San Diego Comic Con! From Mattel, Hasbro, NECA, Mondo and Super7 there are so many exclusives to talk about and hunt!

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Our SDCC 2023 Predictions!

What will be revealed at this years San Diego Comic Con? Join John and Jay as they break down their predictions for all of the big toy lines. The Four Horsemen revealed their latest Figura Obscura figure. NECA is giving us a big and beautiful Alien Queen, and McFarlane revealed their lastest Batman 66 figures, we’ll talk about all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Haslab HISS Tank at SDCC! Plus O-Rings and Classifieds!

#SDCC #GDL #gijoe Join Jay as he walks through Hasbro’s GI-Joe section of their SDCC booth! He will take an up close look at a painted prototype of the Haslab HISS Tank and it looks AMAZING!!

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