MOTU Origins Lady Slither Purchase Live on Mattel Creations!

Join Jay as he shares his live purchasing experience for Lady Slither!

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Eternia’s Choice Fan Vote, Who will YOU Pick?

Join Jay as he talks about the MOTU team at Mattel asking MOTU fans to pick 2 of the next crowdfund projects on Mattel Creations.

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MOTU Origins Lady Slither’s Tail is a Game Changer!

Join Jay as he reviews the new Mattel Creations Exclusive Lady Slither for the MOTU origins toyline. She is a deluxe regular sized origins figure that comes with a newly tooled snake tail that can attach to her as well as any other MOTU origins figure. The Tail is a big accessory that hopefully Mattel will make plenty to go with our other Snake Men in the future! The packaging is incredible for this piece, featuring new characters that we have not seen nor gotten in the origins line just yet. Watch this 4k review to see what I think!

Click here to check out the Lady Slither ahead of her order date of 9/12!

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MOTU Eternia’s Choice Has Fans Dreaming BIG

Join Jay as he discusses the upcoming MOTU Eternia’s Choice from Mattel Creations and what it could possibly bring!

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Mondo’s Power-Con Reveals! Flocked Panthor?! and More!

Join Jay as he checks out the Mondo booth at the 2023 Power-Con in Columbus Ohio! Mondo revealed a limited Flocked version of their upcoming Panthor Release. We also got to see their HUGE Beastman and more!

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Power-Con 2023 Preview Show! NECA, Super7, Mondo and More!

Join Jay with special guest host Mad Hatter from Mad Hatter Reviews as they ,breakdown the latest in toy news. Power-Con is quickly following up SDCC and a TON of Mid-Major to smaller toy companies will be bringing it. Mcfarlane official revealed the stuff they showed at SDCC and Pre-Orders went live on the Marvel Legends X-Men 97 figures. We’ll talk about all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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MONDO SDCC ’23 Booth Tour! MOTU, X-Men, Batman TAS, Godzilla and More!

Join Jay as he tours the Mondo booth at the 2023 San Diego Comic Con. He is toured through the booth by Hector and Peter of Mondo Toys as they give all the insights on their big SDCC reveals and exclusives!

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SDCC MOTU Preview Night Reveals! Origins and Masterverse!

Join Jay on SDCC Preview night as he takes a look at the different Origins and Masterverse reveals! There will be more to come throughout the week, but night one didn’t disappoint!

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SDCC Exclusive Motherboard MOTU Masterverse GIANT!

Join Jay as he unboxes a new action figure that he has NEVER seen, until he opened the box! Mattel sent the latest SDCC exclusive MOTU Masterverse figure, Motherboard! She is the first Giant in the Masterverse line and she looks great!

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Your Mondo Questions Answered!

Join John and Jay as they breakdown the latest in toy news! Mondo revealed a few new 12inch scale figures this week and are joined by Hector and Peter to answer fans questions about the reveals (and maybe more). We’ll check in with progress on the Dragonfly Haslab. NECA put up their SDCC Turtles Exclusives Mattel revealed official images of the Jurassic Park Brachiosaurus refresh. We’ll check in on the TOMY 1/10th BTTF Time Machine and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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