ALL the Fall ’24 MOTU Reveals! Origins, Masterverse and TOG!

Join Jay as he breaks down every reveal from Mattels Masters of the Universe Fall ’24 Catalogue! There are tons of figures (and some vehicles and playsets) that are sure to have MOTU fans excited!

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Mattel Reveals new MOTU Figures, With Even MORE to come!

Join Jay and co-host Mad Hatter as they talk about the latest in Toy News! Mattel had their 2 day Mattel Creations event that revealed new MOTU figures all while they look to showcase the rest of the years line up this week! Hasbro had a Star Wars fan steam. We’ll check in on Hatter’s Flip-Or campaign and more!

Back Flip-Or!

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Talking MOTU Revolution With Orko & Gwildor aka Griffin Newman and Ted Biaselli

Join Jay with special Guests Griffin Newman who plays Orko and Ted Biaselli who plays Gwildor (and is executive producer) on MOTU Revolution the follow up series to MOTU Revelation. This new season was jam packed with awesome Masters of the Universe moments for old and new fans. Join this podcast where you can hear more about what into making this series!

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MOTU Revolution Brings NEW Looks We Need!

Join Jay and special guest host Mega Jay Retro as they talk about the latest in toy news! Masters of the Universe premieres this week and that brings a bunch of new looks and characters we need to see in toy form. We got to see the box art for the Turtles of Grayskull Sla’ker figure and its amazing and full of clues. Mondo is taking orders on their Orko figure this Tuesday and we’ll talk about this jam packed smaller stature figure.

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MOTU Revolution Trailer is the BEST Around

Join Jay as he reviews the full MOTU Revolution trailer that dropped today. It is packed with a TON of information and we’re going to dissect ALL of it! We’ll also dig into the amazing poster art by Nate Baertsch!

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New Eternia Whiplash Looks Cooler than the Original?

Join Jay as he reviews the latest deluxe New Eternia release, Whiplash! He is an imposing figure that has two distinct looks that both look fantastic. How did this much anticipated figure turn out? Watch this 4K review and see what we think! Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comment section!

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MOTU Classics Vs. Masterverse | He-Ro!

Join Jay as he pits the 2009 SDCC exclusive MOTUC He-Ro versus the new Revelation Masterverse He-Ro from Mattel! An unproduced figure from the Masters of the Universe prequel series The Powers of Grayskull. He-Ro was brought to life in figure from for the first time in the MOTU Classics toy line as a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive in 2009. This new He-Ro is based on his appearance in the Netflix series Masters of the Universe Revelation. Which figure will win this showdown? Watch to find out!

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MOTU CGI Castle Grayskull Playset is Huge BUT Small

Join Jay as he reviews the new CGI He-Man Castle Grayskull Playset from Mattel. This set is shockingly large, but scale issues make it feel too small. This thing is loaded with features and Jay explores them all. Enjoy this 4k review of the latest Castle Grayskull Playset from Mattel!

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MOTU Masterverse Wave 5 Delights!

Join Jay as he unboxes and reviews Wave 5 of Masters of the Universe Masterverse action figures from Mattel. This wave features the latest New Eternia figure Zodac. The first Princess of Power figure Catra, and the first figures based on the CGI He-Man Netflix show. The Masterverse toyline keeps getting better wave after wave, does these latest releases continue this trend? Watch to find out!

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CGI He-Man Talon Fighter Is the BEST

Join Jay as he opens up the new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Talon Fighter vehicle from Mattel. The show may have fizzled a little bit for Jay, but he still loves the toyline, even if the vehicles so far have been lackluster. Will this set finally give us the awesome vehicle we’ve all been waiting for? Watch and comment on this Unboxing review!

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