MOTU Classics Vs. Masterverse | He-Ro!

Join Jay as he pits the 2009 SDCC exclusive MOTUC He-Ro versus the new Revelation Masterverse He-Ro from Mattel! An unproduced figure from the Masters of the Universe prequel series The Powers of Grayskull. He-Ro was brought to life in figure from for the first time in the MOTU Classics toy line as a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive in 2009. This new He-Ro is based on his appearance in the Netflix series Masters of the Universe Revelation. Which figure will win this showdown? Watch to find out!

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MOTU Classics Vs. Masterverse: Trap Jaw!

Jay continues his series of pitting a MOC MOTU Classics figure against a new Masterverse release of the character. This time Trap Jaw’s will be pitted against each other. The classics Trap Jaw is a legend from the MOTUC line, but the MV Trap Jaw is available on retail shelves now, giving you a classic look for much less than the 12 year old classics figure will. Who will win this round? Watch to find out!

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MOTU Classics Vs. Masterverse, Which Beast Man is Best?

Join Jay as he opens up a “vintage” MOTUC Beast Man to see if the New Eternia version of Beast Man can beat it! His previous MOTUC Vs. Masterverse video got a lot of comments voting for either figure to be best, which beast man won this next chapter in the MOTUC Vs. Masterverse debate? Watch this Video to find out!

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Can Masterverse Beat MOTU Classics?

Join Jay as he stacks up the New Eternia He-man and Skeletor Masterverse figures to the MOTU Classics versions of the same Characters. MOTUC has long been considered the ultimate Masters of the Universe Toy Line. But, the continued improvements to Mastersverse has collectors wondering if this upstart line can compete or beat MOTUC. Watch this video and share your thoughts in the comments!

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Toy Geeks! Interview Scott Neitlich aka ToyGuru! MOTU Classics, Ghostbusters Origins and more!

Geek. Dad. Life. Presents: Toy Geeks! Join John and Jay as they invite their first special guest onto the show, toy industry legend Scott Neitlich, otherwise known as Toy Guru! He was the catalyst that started the forefather to sites like Hasbro Pulse. He managed and led the creative team behind one of the most successful adult collector lines, Masters of the Universe Classics. He led the creation of the FIRST action figure line dedicated to the Ghostbusters films. He also led the most diverse and expansive DC action figure line in toy history. This list could go on and on, but we suggest tuning into this live QA to hear the stories and thoughts of this icon of toy collecting!

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Mattel Batman that Never Was, Hasbro Pulse Con Updates, and Toy Hall of Fame Finalists!

John and Jay share the latest updates from Pulse Con from Hasbro, Talk about the 12 finalists for this years Toy Hall of Fame inductees. The Batman figure that Mattel never made and more!

0:00 Start
1:25 Hasbro Pulse Con Updates
7:54 New NECA Jaws Bartin M’rody figure 😉
13:10 Recent Toy Hauls
33:14 Mattel Batman that Never Was
44:25 New Mandarin Spawn
50:42 Toy Hall of Fame Finalists
54:28 Insider Hasbro Knowledge from Investor Meeting
58:55 Closing

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