X-Men 97 is SO GOOD, Which Toys Should We Buy?

Join Jay with special guests Ryan Doell, Brick Something, Adam from Highly Articulated as they talk about the age old toy collector question. When we want a plastic version of characters from a property we love, should we buy new or vintage versions? McFarlane gets into the crowdfund game, Haulathon is going down and Hasbro had a frustrating Target Exclusive GI Classified go up for pre-order. We’ll talk about all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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McFarlane’s Winter Showcase: Movie Maniacs WB 100

For day 2 of their Winter Showcase, McFarland revealed the WB 100 Movie Maniacs , celebrating 100 years of WB movies. The 6-inch figures are Ted Lasso, The Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West, Bugs Bunny as Superman, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Each figure is listed at $24.99 and […]

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Can Masterverse Beat MOTU Classics?

Join Jay as he stacks up the New Eternia He-man and Skeletor Masterverse figures to the MOTU Classics versions of the same Characters. MOTUC has long been considered the ultimate Masters of the Universe Toy Line. But, the continued improvements to Mastersverse has collectors wondering if this upstart line can compete or beat MOTUC. Watch this video and share your thoughts in the comments!

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Top 10 MOC Toylines of All Time!

Join Jay as he picks what he thinks are the Top 10 MOC Toylines of all time (plus some honorable mentions) With Hasbro’s Zero Plastic initiative possibly changing MOC toys forever, Jay thought it would be a good idea to look back and see with toylines and toy makers made some of the best Mint on Card toys. Will it be Mattel’s Masters of the Universe? Kenner’s Super Powers? OR Kenner’s Star Wars taking the top spot??? Watch to find out!

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Toy Hunting! Hauling Vintage Toys at Crowemag Toys!

On this episode of Geek. Dad. Life. Jay toy hunts for vintage toys at Crowemag Toys (https://www.crowemagtoys.com/next/) in search of items to further complete his ever growing collection! vintage toys

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MOTU Origins He-Man and Skeletor Review! New Masters of the Universe Figures by Mattel!

We review the He-Man and Skeletor figures from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Origins Series. We compare these figures to the original classics and to last years San Diego Comic Con exclusive Prince Adam and He-Man 2 Pack! Are you excited for MOTU Origins? Because we are!

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Toy Geeks! Ep. 003 “Reissued Toys, Good or Bad?”

On this episode John and Jay discuss reissued toys and whether or not they are good for toy collecting and the value of vintage toys. Be sure to email us your feedback to toygeeksshow@gmail.com and leave a us a 5 star review on iTunes which we may read on a future episode!

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Toy Geeks! Ep. 002 “Favorite Toy Stores from our Youth!”

Do you have a favorite place that you bought toys from as a kid? John and Jay share their favorite places to buy toys as a kid. John grew up in New England and Jay grew up in San Diego, what regional differences did they have? Find out on this latest episode of Toy Geeks! […]

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In Hand Review of McDonald’s 40th Anniversary Happy Meal Surprise Toys!

On the first day of McDonalds 5 day promotion for the 40th Anniversary of the Happy Meal. Jay and his wife Colleen were able to snag 15 of the 17 blind bagged toys. Jay opens every single one and also compares some of the re-released figures to the originals showing what they changed. He also helps you find out how to get the 40th toy you want the most!

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McDonalds Retro Happy Meal Toys are Re-released! 40th Anniversary Surprise boxes!

For the Happy Meal’s 40th Birthday McDonalds is doing a special promotion re-releasing 17 classic happy meal toys from the 80’s 90’s and 00’s. Jay having fond memories of the chase for the coolest free toys around shares his excitement and preparation for the promotion to start on Nov. 7th. He also shares some of his all time favorite Happy Meal Toys from the 80’s!

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