Great Flea Market Retro Toy Score! Toy Hunting!

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Join Jay for his weekly toy hunt at the Raleigh Flea Market where he got a pretty good score of Retro toys for a bargain price!

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MOTU Origins Wun-Dar Pre-Order Support Group LIVE!

Join Jay and potential special guests as we anxiously wait, and try to pre-order, the Mattel Creations MOTU Collectors Release of the MOTU Origins Wun-Dar. This is the most stressed Jay has been on a pre-order in years, and he felt why not be stressed together lol.

Mattel Creations Wun-Dar Link:

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Dig a Pony? Unboxing the Build-A-Horse TDKR Wave!

Join Jay as he does a Live Unboxing of the Dark Knight Returns Build A Horse wave from McFarlane Toys. This may be one of the most solid waves released by Mcfarlane recently, join Jay as he unboxes these figures and assembles the horse LIVE!

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Target Employees Scalping NECA TMNT? Real or Fake?

Join John and Jay as they discuss the latest toy news like caught footage of Target employees taking the hard to find Turtles In Disguise set off the shelves before collectors can get them. They also share their latest toy hauls and have hte latest version of “Stump John”!

Link to Those Toy Junkies video of Target Employee taking NECA TMNT Turtles in Disguise sets:

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Toy Geeks! Ep. 007 “The Hunt for MOTU Origins”

On this episode of Toy Geeks! John and Jay drive across the Middle of North Carolina to find some of the new Masters of the Universe Origins figures by Mattel. Where they successful? Listen to find out!    

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Toy Hunting! Hauling Vintage Toys at Crowemag Toys!

On this episode of Geek. Dad. Life. Jay toy hunts for vintage toys at Crowemag Toys ( in search of items to further complete his ever growing collection! vintage toys

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Toy Hunting! Rare Kenner Ghostbusters, MOTU Origins, Tiger Transformers and more!

#ghostbusters #mastersoftheuniverse #toyhunting
On this episode Jay shares some of his recent acquisitions through online toy hunting like the Masters of the Universe Origins figures, the new Retro Tiger electronics Transformers game from Hasbro Games, and a rare Real Ghostbusters figure that Jay has NEVER owned.

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Toy Hunting! Masters of the Universe Classics, Toxic Crusaders, Centurions and more!

#toyhunting #mastersoftheuniverse #toxiccrusaders
Hitting up the first toy show in the state since the pandemic outbreak, Jay safely toy hunts before the show opens getting some figures on his hunt list.

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Toy Hunt! Triple Force Friday: New Star Wars Toys!

Jay goes out on Triple Force Friday at his local Target to find the latest Star Wars toys from The Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian, and Jedi: Fallen Order. He arrives after the store opened but was surprised to see what was still there…

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