McFarlane Super Powers Wave 4 Revealed!

Join Jay with special guest Ryan Doell from Gotham City Tonight and Toy Anxiety as they break down the official reveals of Wave 4 of McFarlane’s Super Powers! While we’ve gotten teaser images as well as factory leaks we know get to look at the full product and there is a lot to like with these new releases. Join the discussion live as we break down these reveals!

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McFarlane Super Powers Wave 4 LEAKED!

Join John and Jay as they break down the latest in toy news. The newest wave of McFarlane Super Powers has leaked on an overseas website. Mattel is getting ready to sell their first creations exclusive MOTU Masterverse figure. We got our first glimpse of the MOTU Origins Snake Mountain and Point Dread from Spielwarenmesse. We’ll stump John, all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Mcfarlane Super Powers NYCC Reveals! Invisible Jet, Batmobile and MORE!

Join John and Jay with special guest Ryan Doell as they talk about the reveals out of NYCC for the Spring 2023 releases in McFarlane’s Super Powers toyline!

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McFarlane DC Super Powers Wave 3 Leaked?

Join John and Jay as they talk about the week in toy news. Like inventory lists showing what the next Super Powers figures from McFarlane will be. There were a ton of reveals out of D23 like Super7 Nightmare Before Christmas Ultimates McFarlane Avatar and more!

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Target’s Fall Geek Out: New McFarlane DC and NECA TMNT!

Join John and Jay as they cover the latest in Toy News like Targets latest toy collector event “Fall Geek Out” which has new DC figures from McFarlane and NECA re-releasing hard to find Toon TMNT figures! There is a mysterious Deluxe Skeletor Masterverse Figure that is showing up as a listing on Amazon and BBTS what could it be? Toy Collector is a true blue print magazine dedicated to toy collectors, and founder Blake Wright will stop buy to talk about the first issue which reveals the latest NECA Gargoyles figure Coldstone!

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NEW Capes for McFarlane Super Powers

#shorts #geekdadlife
We can all agree the capes on Mcfarlane’s new Super Powers figures aren’t great. 3rd party maker The Cape Master has looked to solve that problem with high quality replacements to make your new Super Powers figures shine.

I bought these sets while they were doing a sale for 20 bucks plus shipping.

Link to The Cape Master:

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McFarlane DC Super Powers Wave 2?!?

Join John and Jay as they talk about new Super Powers figures from Mcfarlane Toys hitting Walmarts and 2 figures that also may be coming soon, Wonder Woman and Reverse Flash! They’ll talk about the last days of the Hiss Tank Haslab and what the final number will be. Jay will share a crazy toy pickup that will connect to the like goal, They’ll stump John, all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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McFarlane’s Super Powers Reboot is Good?

Join Jay as he reviews the entire first wave of vehicles and figures in Mcfarlane Toys DC Super Powers Reboot. Kenner’s Super Powers toys were the stuff of legend. Can McFarlane attempt even come close? Watch to find out Jay’s thoughts as well as share your own!

Great resource for the History of Super Powers!

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McFarlane DC Super Powers FIRST Look!!

Join John and Jay as they talk about the latest in toy news like the first images of McFarlane’s DC Direct rebirth of Super Powers toy line. This was first discussed in depth when the vendor order lists were revealed, and now we get a glimpse of what this line will be like! Tons of MOTU Masterverse figures in package where shown for the first time, and we’ll break down how the final product looks! We’ll try to Stump John and have a special giveaway tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Return of DC Super Powers? McFarlane Make it So!

Join John and Jay on this special Thursday Night Edition of Toy Geeks with Special Guest Ryan Doell from YHS Toy Anxiety as they geek out over the leaked inventory list that shows McFarlane Toys looks to bring back the DC Super Powers moniker for a 5 inch DC toy line!

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