The 2023 Geoffreys Red Carpet Pre Show! Toy Awards Preview!

Join Jay and John as they report live from the Red Carpet of the 2023 Geoffreys. It is the 3rd annual Toy and Action Figure Award show hosted by Toy Anxiety and Jay and John will cover all of the hot goss from the Red Carpet. Look for interviews with different hosts and guests of the extravagant affair. They will also share their thoughts of the categories and nominees and share their thoughts on who will win the top prizes!

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Target’s Fall Geek Out: New McFarlane DC and NECA TMNT!

Join John and Jay as they cover the latest in Toy News like Targets latest toy collector event “Fall Geek Out” which has new DC figures from McFarlane and NECA re-releasing hard to find Toon TMNT figures! There is a mysterious Deluxe Skeletor Masterverse Figure that is showing up as a listing on Amazon and BBTS what could it be? Toy Collector is a true blue print magazine dedicated to toy collectors, and founder Blake Wright will stop buy to talk about the first issue which reveals the latest NECA Gargoyles figure Coldstone!

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Top 10 MOC Toylines of All Time!

Join Jay as he picks what he thinks are the Top 10 MOC Toylines of all time (plus some honorable mentions) With Hasbro’s Zero Plastic initiative possibly changing MOC toys forever, Jay thought it would be a good idea to look back and see with toylines and toy makers made some of the best Mint on Card toys. Will it be Mattel’s Masters of the Universe? Kenner’s Super Powers? OR Kenner’s Star Wars taking the top spot??? Watch to find out!

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Geek. Dad. Life. Toy Room Tour! 2021 Edition!

Join Jay as he shares a look at his Toy Room on New Years Eve 2021. He added MOTU Origins to his vintage Masters of the Universe collection. Finally got his Bravestarr collection displayed again, and more!

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My Toy Room Tour! End of 2020 Edition! Eternia, USS Flagg, Cats Lair, Fortress of Fangs and more!

Join Jay as he shows you the state of his toy collection at the close of 2020. He shares his collections of Transformers, Gi Joe, Masters of the Universe, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Voltron, Batman and more!! If you ever wanted to see all the geeky stuff in Jay’s toy room this video is for you!

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