Super7 Vs. UA Vs. NECA: Who has the BEST TMNT Van?

Join Jay as he pits the 3 major Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party Wagons in a final showdown for Turtle Van Supremacy!! Who will win? Watch to find out!

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Mattel’s Risky MOTU X TMNT Crossover

Join Jay as he reviews the first wave of Turtles of Grayskull the MOTU x TMNT crossover toy line by Mattel. Crossovers are always a risky proposition, did Mattel pull it off? Watch this review to find out!

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The Problem with Playmates’ New Star Trek Toys

Join Jay as he reviews the new retro inspired Star Trek action figures from Playmates. While Trek fans are excited to have new Star Trek toys on shelves, the cheap prices and availability of the figures that inspired these new releases leave toy collectors with a tough choice to make.

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TMNT Playmates’ BIG Mutagen Man FAIL

I’m not mad, I’m disappointed, well I’m a wee bit mad. Join Jay as his review of the latest TMNT Retro box set gets derailed by a frustrating omission. This villian 4 pack includes Wingnut and Screwloose, A Foot Soldier, Leatherhead and Mutagen Man. The Mutagen Man figure was good, but they forgot to include anything else with the figure…

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Let’s Get Dangerous… with Beast Kingdom’s Darkwing Duck!

Join Jay as he review’s Beast Kingdom’s Darkwing Duck 8ction Hero Premium Figure! He’s never even seen a Beast Kingdom release before, but his desire for a Darkwing Duck action figure overcame his hesitations on buying an expensive toy from a company he doesn’t know. Was it a successful purchase? Watch and find out!

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Retro TMNT Bliss or Miss?

Join Jay as he takes a look at the most recent re-release of Playmates Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures and vehicles. Not only do we get the 4 turtles Mikey, Donny, Leo and Raph but we get a Party Wagon and Turtle Blimp all under $150 retail. Playmates has gone back to the 1988 well many times, but is this time better than the many previous iterations? Watch and find out!

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Playmates Star Trek Returns! Will Collectors Care?

Join John and Jay for a special stream talking about Playmates unveiling their relaunch of 5 inch Star Trek figures covering the entire Star Trek Universe. They’ll also touch on the updates from Formo Toys on their Lords of Power Line. all of that and more on todays Toy Geeks!

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My Toy Room Tour! End of 2020 Edition! Eternia, USS Flagg, Cats Lair, Fortress of Fangs and more!

Join Jay as he shows you the state of his toy collection at the close of 2020. He shares his collections of Transformers, Gi Joe, Masters of the Universe, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Voltron, Batman and more!! If you ever wanted to see all the geeky stuff in Jay’s toy room this video is for you!

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