Retro TMNT Bliss or Miss?

Join Jay as he takes a look at the most recent re-release of Playmates Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures and vehicles. Not only do we get the 4 turtles Mikey, Donny, Leo and Raph but we get a Party Wagon and Turtle Blimp all under $150 retail. Playmates has gone back to the 1988 well many times, but is this time better than the many previous iterations? Watch and find out!

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Super7 Vs. Neca Vs UA : A Party Wagon Showdown!

Join John and Jay with special guest Mad Hatter Reviews as they breakdown the 3 TMNT Party Wagons / Turtle Vans being released by 3 different companies. What does each one feature, and which one is best? They will share their thoughts and a live poll will decide who is the victor!

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Super7 TMNT Ultimates Party Wagon Revealed!

Join Jay as he talks about the official reveal of the TMNT Ultimates Party Wagon from Super7. He’ll talk price what he thinks of the look and whether or not is was wise to drop this during a very expensive month for toy collectors

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Super7’s TMNT Ultimates Party Wagon Tease!

Join John and Jay with special guest Chogrin, a fantastic artist who’s created some awesome geek culture toys and art, as they talk about the latest in toy news. The lead topic of conversation is Super7’s earth shattering tease that one of the most wanted large scale vehicles, the TMNT Party Wagon, will be made for the TMNT Ultimates line. They’ll share their latest toy hauls and try to stump John. All of that and more on Toy Geeks!

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