The Problem with Playmates’ New Star Trek Toys

Join Jay as he reviews the new retro inspired Star Trek action figures from Playmates. While Trek fans are excited to have new Star Trek toys on shelves, the cheap prices and availability of the figures that inspired these new releases leave toy collectors with a tough choice to make.

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Playmates Star Trek Returns! Will Collectors Care?

Join John and Jay for a special stream talking about Playmates unveiling their relaunch of 5 inch Star Trek figures covering the entire Star Trek Universe. They’ll also touch on the updates from Formo Toys on their Lords of Power Line. all of that and more on todays Toy Geeks!

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Toy Geeks! Ep. 010 “Hunting GI Joe Baroness and the Most Overdone Toys of All Time!”

Today on Toy Geeks John and Jay share their latest toy hauls. Jay shares his experience of spending a whole week hitting up tons of Targets for the elusive exclusive GI Joe Baroness. The close out the show talking about the most overdone toylines of all time. Toylines that actually made too many toys negatively […]

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