So What Did YOU Think of Ghostbusters Frozen Empire?

Join Jay and Ralph as they share their thoughts on Ghostbusters Frozen Empire after its Opening Weekend!

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New Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Figures from Hasbro!

Join Jay as he reviews the main figure releases from Hasbro to support Ghostbusters Frozen Empire which comes out in a couple months. These use similar sculpts to what we got for Ghostbusters Afterlife. Are they different enough to warrant purchasing? Watch this review to find out!

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Ghostbusters Haslab PKE and Ghost Trap Revealed!

Join Jay as he shares his thoughts on the reveal of the Ghostbusters Haslab, a PKE and Ghost Trap 2 Pack. Is it worth the price tag, is this really a “big” item?? Join the live discussion!

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Haslab Proton Pack Unlocks Dreams!

Join Jay as he lives out a childhood dream of owning a full size accurate replica of a Ghostbusters Proton Pack! The Hasbro Pulse Haslab project was a big success, but does it deliver on its promise of a full scale Proton Pack replica at a fraction of the price of a custom one? Watch this 4K review to find out!

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Hasbro X Mego Ghostbusters Crossover!

Join Jay as he reviews the Hasbro X Mego Crossover that gives us fairly accurate (for a Mego figure) Ghostbusters figures! This partnership isn’t necessarily something that Toy Collecting Ghostbusters fans really wanted (That would be a NECA or Super7 Real Ghostbusters line) but its still nice to get new Ghostbusters toys as Hasbro goes dormant with the license while there is no new media to support it.

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The LAST Ghostbusters Afterlife Toys

Join Jay as he reviews what might be the last toys supporting the release of Ghostbusters Afterlife by Hasbro. If these are the last toys, Hasbro is ending on a high note. Both the figures and their companion ghosts like the Bug Eye Ghost and Muncher, shine! Watch this 4k review of Phoebe, Podcast, Lucky and Trevor the next generation of Ghostbusters!

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Mego Ghostbusters, A Must Buy??

Join John and Jay as they talk about the latest in toy news like Hasbro partnering with Mego to make Mego style Ghostbusters figures. They’ll discuss whether or not they’re a must buy for Ghostbusters fans. Super7 revealed their Reaction Roger Rabbit toy line, is this the Roger Rabbit toys we’ve been waiting for? They’ll try to Stump John and share their latest toy hauls, all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Tip Changed on Spengler Neutrona Wands, DELAYED to 2023

Join Jay live as he discusses his thoughts on the production change to Spengler’s Neutrona Wand adding a Orange Safety Tip to the re-release of the wand that was meant to go along side the Haslab Proton Pack. Is it a big deal? Will People cancel their orders of not just the wand but the pack as well? Join us for a live discussion!

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Geek. Dad. Life. Toy Room Tour! 2021 Edition!

Join Jay as he shares a look at his Toy Room on New Years Eve 2021. He added MOTU Origins to his vintage Masters of the Universe collection. Finally got his Bravestarr collection displayed again, and more!

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Ghostbusters Plasma Series Mini-Pufts, Are They Too Pricey?

Join Jay as he review’s Hasbro’s Plasma Series Mini-Pufts from their Collector level Ghostbusters toy line. They are cute and plentiful but at 26.99 retail do they match the price tag?? Watch to find out Jay’s thoughts and share yours in the comment section below!

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