Hasbro X Mego Ghostbusters Crossover!

Join Jay as he reviews the Hasbro X Mego Crossover that gives us fairly accurate (for a Mego figure) Ghostbusters figures! This partnership isn’t necessarily something that Toy Collecting Ghostbusters fans really wanted (That would be a NECA or Super7 Real Ghostbusters line) but its still nice to get new Ghostbusters toys as Hasbro goes dormant with the license while there is no new media to support it.

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MOTU Origins Flying Fists He-Man & Terror Claws Skeletor!

Join Jay for a MOTU Origins Unboxing as he rips open 2 new deluxe figures form Mattel’s nostalgia driven origins line! Flying Fist He-man and Terror Claws Skeletor were later releases in the original line and as such they are harder to find and are more expensive. How do these new ones stack up to the originals? Watch this unboxing to find out!

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Mego Ghostbusters, A Must Buy??

Join John and Jay as they talk about the latest in toy news like Hasbro partnering with Mego to make Mego style Ghostbusters figures. They’ll discuss whether or not they’re a must buy for Ghostbusters fans. Super7 revealed their Reaction Roger Rabbit toy line, is this the Roger Rabbit toys we’ve been waiting for? They’ll try to Stump John and share their latest toy hauls, all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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MOTU Origins Ram Man! Mattel’s Short But Deluxe Figure!

A review of the Masters of the Universe Origins Ram Man figure. One of the first deluxe figures in the line with extra accessories and action features. How does this Ram Man figure stack up to previous versions including the vintage original? Watch this in depth and in 4k review to find out!

Link to PoeGhostal’s review of the Classics Ram Man:

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SDCC Exclusive Tron (VHS) Action Figure from Diamond Select Toys!

An action figure review of the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive VHS Cover variant of Tron the titular character from the 1982 cult classic film and legendary arcade game! We break out the black light to show how this figures paint job shines and compare it to vintage Tomy Tron action figures!

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