MOTU Origins Lady Slither’s Tail is a Game Changer!

Join Jay as he reviews the new Mattel Creations Exclusive Lady Slither for the MOTU origins toyline. She is a deluxe regular sized origins figure that comes with a newly tooled snake tail that can attach to her as well as any other MOTU origins figure. The Tail is a big accessory that hopefully Mattel will make plenty to go with our other Snake Men in the future! The packaging is incredible for this piece, featuring new characters that we have not seen nor gotten in the origins line just yet. Watch this 4k review to see what I think!

Click here to check out the Lady Slither ahead of her order date of 9/12!

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MOTU Origins Snake Mountain Revealed!

Join Jay and John as they breakdown the full reveal of the Snake Mountain playset for Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Origins toy line! There is so much to unpack with this playset and with videos and photos provided by Mattel we can dig into all the details!

High resolution pictures and description of Snake Mountain:

Making of Snake Mountain:

Snake Mountain Webseries Ep 1:

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Entertainment Earth:

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MOTU Origins Art Teases Powers of Grayskull Releases?

Join John and Jay as they breakdown the latest in toy news like the MOTU team at Mattel showcasing a TON of new characters and beasts on Moss Man’s deluxe packaging art. Someone got their hands on a early sample of McFarlane’s upcoming Aquaman release and it looks ok… Neca opened up pre-orders for their next 2 Dungeons and Dragons releases and they look AWESOME. Mondo responded to the news last week that they laid off essential staff from their poster division. We’ll talk about all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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EVERY MOTU Origins and Masterverse Fall 2023 Reveal!

Join Jay and John as they break down all of the Fall 2023 reveals from the Masters of the Universe Origins and Masterverse toy lines. There are a TON of reveals from Mattel and Jay and John go through every one of them with high res images provided by Mattel. Watch us share our opinions and we would love to hear yours in the chat and comment section as we get stoked for these awesome toys!

MOTU Origins Reveals:

MOTU Masterverse Reveals:

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MOTU Origins Wave 13 FIRST LOOK!

Join John and Jay as they breakdown the first in box images of MOTU Origins Wave 13. The wave features 200x King Randor and Snake Teela, seen by Jay at Spielwarenmesse as well as Slamurai and Snake Trooper. This wave features versions of characters that have never been made in the 5.5 inch scale, and we’re both very excited. Watch to see and hear our thoughts on the latest wave from Mattel!

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MOTU Origins Deluxe Leech and Snout Spout Revealed!

Join John and Jay for a special Mid-Week Toy Geeks as they talk about in package photos of the latest MOTU Origins Deluxe figures, Leech and Snout Spout! They’ll also talk about the official pics for Neca’s Dungeons and Dragons figures, and the Hasbro Marvel Team reveals some fun new figures!

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MOTU Origins Wave 9 First Look!

Join John and Jay as they talk about the week in Toy News including our first look at Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 9 and the new 40th Anniversary cards they’ll come with. They’ll also talk about the other reveals from MOTU like the first look at the Masterverse Zodak, Origins Whiplash and more!

They’ll also talk about all the Marvel Reveals from Hasbro, share their pickup of the week, and try to Stump John. All of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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MOTU Origins Wave 8 Unboxing!

Join Jay as he opens up a full set of Wave 8 of Masters of the Universe Origins from Mattel! This wave contains newcomers to the MOTU Lore Anti Eternia He-Man and Sun-Man as well as two vintage classics Clawful and Horde Trooper. What are this figures like out of the box? Watch and find out!

Link to Sun-Man Vs. Sun-Man:

Link to Pixel Dan’s Interview with Yla Eason:

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MOTU Origins Flying Fists He-Man & Terror Claws Skeletor!

Join Jay for a MOTU Origins Unboxing as he rips open 2 new deluxe figures form Mattel’s nostalgia driven origins line! Flying Fist He-man and Terror Claws Skeletor were later releases in the original line and as such they are harder to find and are more expensive. How do these new ones stack up to the originals? Watch this unboxing to find out!

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MOTU Origins, 200X Style? Mattel Teases New He-Man Toys!

Join John and Jay on a special Lunch Break Edition of Toy Geeks! They’ll discuss the teaser image that Mattel dropped, letting us know that new Origins Figures Styled after the 200X version of the animated series would be announced next week. This could just be the tip of the iceberg. Join us as we speculate whats to come for Masters of the Universe Toys!

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