MOTU Origins Wave 8 Unboxing!

Join Jay as he opens up a full set of Wave 8 of Masters of the Universe Origins from Mattel! This wave contains newcomers to the MOTU Lore Anti Eternia He-Man and Sun-Man as well as two vintage classics Clawful and Horde Trooper. What are this figures like out of the box? Watch and find out!

Link to Sun-Man Vs. Sun-Man:

Link to Pixel Dan’s Interview with Yla Eason:

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MOTU Origins Wave 8 Packaging Revealed!

Join John and Jay as they talk about the latest in toy news, like packaging, figure and character reveals in the Masters of the Universe Line by Mattel. We finally get to see all of Wave 8 of MOTU Origins in package. We also get to see some new figures revealed from the CGI He-man Toy line and show. Things haven’t gotten better for Mcfarlane’s The Batman figures, with a full wave of disappointing head sculpts. Hasbro announces that they have renewed their Star Wars and Indiana Jones License. We find out how much those Playmate’s Star Trek figures are going to be, and Super7 licenses out Silverhawks to another toy company.

We’ll share our latest toy hauls, try to Stump John, all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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MOTU Reveals! Origins Leaks & Wave 8, Mastersverse Savage He-Man & Orko and more!

Join John and Jay with Special guest Nate Baertsch as they talk about his latest artwork supporting the second half of Masters of the Universe Revelations Season 1! They’ll also cover all of the new MOTU reveals that have dropped this past week like first pics and confirmation of Wave 8 of MOTU Origins. A savage He-Man and Orko 2 pack for MOTU Masterverse and more!

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