MOTU Origins Space Sumo an Easy Pass? An Exclusive That Isn’t

Join John and Jay for a special edition of Toy Geeks as they countdown the launch of the last Mattel Creations exclusive release of 2022, Space Sumo. The only problem with this release is we already got this figure as part of a Target Exclusive 3 pack. Because of that, is this figure a must buy for MOTU collectors? We’ll discuss as we wait for its launch!

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MOTU Origins Wave 8 Unboxing!

Join Jay as he opens up a full set of Wave 8 of Masters of the Universe Origins from Mattel! This wave contains newcomers to the MOTU Lore Anti Eternia He-Man and Sun-Man as well as two vintage classics Clawful and Horde Trooper. What are this figures like out of the box? Watch and find out!

Link to Sun-Man Vs. Sun-Man:

Link to Pixel Dan’s Interview with Yla Eason:

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Which Sun-Man Should YOU Get?

Join Jay as he compares both the Mattel Creations and regular MOTU Origins release of Sun-Man! Both are arriving at about the same time and one costs a lot more on the secondary market. Which Sun-Man Should you get? Watch this video to find out!

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