MOTU Revolution Trailer is the BEST Around

Join Jay as he reviews the full MOTU Revolution trailer that dropped today. It is packed with a TON of information and we’re going to dissect ALL of it! We’ll also dig into the amazing poster art by Nate Baertsch!

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MOTU Origins Snake Mountain Box Art Teases New Figures?

Join John and Jay as they share the latest in toy News. Like the Box Art for the MOTU Origins Snake Mountain was revealed and also doubled down on teasing some deep cut MOTU characters. We’re also getting a new MOTU art book showcasing the wonderful art we have gotten in the Origins and Masterverse toy lines. NECA is releasing their 100th toon turtle figure and its a deluxe version of their very popular (and expensive) Toon April. The Star Wars team is doing a fan stream for May the 4th on May the 3rd… and Super7 revealed their next wave of Star Trek TNG Ultimates figures. We’ll talk about all of that and try to Stump John tonight on toy geeks!

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MOTU Masterverse Dark-Lyn Purchase LIVE!

Join John and Jay sharing their toy sweats as they try and purchase the first Masterverse Mattel Creations Exclusive Dark-Lyn. Will it be crazy like Wun-Dar? Or have a longer window like the past few Creations exclusives? Watch to find out on this special edition of Toy Geeks!

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MOTU Masterverse Goddess Evil Lynn in Toy Aisles

#shorts #toyhunting #motu Today in a Target Toy Aisle I saw the Goddess Evil Lynn Masterverse figure for the first time. It looks really good, what do you think?

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MOTU Masterverse Wave 8! Plus Origins Teased?

Join Jay with special guest host Ryan Doell as they break down the latest in toy news. The soon to be cancelled MOTU toy lines revealed the next wave of Masterverse figures. Plus card art may tease at what’s next for Origins. BST AXN has some new TMNT figs that are making us think, that things are getting better for BST AXN. Funko has come under fire from former employees, is Funko in danger of going under? We’ll try to stump Doell, all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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MOTU Classics Vs. Masterverse | He-Ro!

Join Jay as he pits the 2009 SDCC exclusive MOTUC He-Ro versus the new Revelation Masterverse He-Ro from Mattel! An unproduced figure from the Masters of the Universe prequel series The Powers of Grayskull. He-Ro was brought to life in figure from for the first time in the MOTU Classics toy line as a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive in 2009. This new He-Ro is based on his appearance in the Netflix series Masters of the Universe Revelation. Which figure will win this showdown? Watch to find out!

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MOTU’s Coming Up Snake Men!

Join John and Jay as they talk about the latest in toy news like new images of Snake Men Characters in Origins and the CGI line. They’ll wrap up the Eternia backer period and check in on the Deathasaurus Haslab. They’ll discuss the latest Boba Fett tax from Hasbro with the TVC Kenner style Boba Fett release. They’ll try to Stump John and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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CGI He-Man Talon Fighter Is the BEST

Join Jay as he opens up the new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Talon Fighter vehicle from Mattel. The show may have fizzled a little bit for Jay, but he still loves the toyline, even if the vehicles so far have been lackluster. Will this set finally give us the awesome vehicle we’ve all been waiting for? Watch and comment on this Unboxing review!

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MOTU Classics Vs. Masterverse, Which Beast Man is Best?

Join Jay as he opens up a “vintage” MOTUC Beast Man to see if the New Eternia version of Beast Man can beat it! His previous MOTUC Vs. Masterverse video got a lot of comments voting for either figure to be best, which beast man won this next chapter in the MOTUC Vs. Masterverse debate? Watch this Video to find out!

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MOTU Origins Wave 9 First Look!

Join John and Jay as they talk about the week in Toy News including our first look at Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 9 and the new 40th Anniversary cards they’ll come with. They’ll also talk about the other reveals from MOTU like the first look at the Masterverse Zodak, Origins Whiplash and more!

They’ll also talk about all the Marvel Reveals from Hasbro, share their pickup of the week, and try to Stump John. All of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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