MOTU Origins Flying Fists He-Man & Terror Claws Skeletor!

Join Jay for a MOTU Origins Unboxing as he rips open 2 new deluxe figures form Mattel’s nostalgia driven origins line! Flying Fist He-man and Terror Claws Skeletor were later releases in the original line and as such they are harder to find and are more expensive. How do these new ones stack up to the originals? Watch this unboxing to find out!

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Power-Con 2021: $30k Worth of RARE MOTU Toys!

Join Jay as he takes you through the vendor hall of Power-Con 2021 and pick put some of the rarest and most expensive Masters of the Universe items that money can buy!

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Power-Con 2021: Our Favorite MOTU Reveals!

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Join John and Jay as they recap the events from the He Man and the Masters of the Universe convention Power-Con! They will share their favorite reveals from the event, and Jay will share his experience and hauls from attending in person!

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MOTU Origins Wave 6 First Look! + New MOTU Revelation Fig Pics!

Join John and Jay as they talk about all of the new images revealed for MOTU Origins and Revelation this past week Including Wave 6 images from the great Pixel Dan interview with Mattel and the new retailer images for the first figures from the MOTU Revelation Collector toy line!

Link to Pixel Dan’s Interview with Mattel!:

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MOTU Origins Ram Man! Mattel’s Short But Deluxe Figure!

A review of the Masters of the Universe Origins Ram Man figure. One of the first deluxe figures in the line with extra accessories and action features. How does this Ram Man figure stack up to previous versions including the vintage original? Watch this in depth and in 4k review to find out!

Link to PoeGhostal’s review of the Classics Ram Man:

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MOTU Origins Wave 6 News : Stinkor swapped for Faker!

Join John and Jay as they discuss the latest in toy news like the announcement of Faker getting added to wave 6 of MOTU Origins in place of Stinkor. They also discuss the latest details with Super7’s Massive Thundertank. They’ll also review that Mattel Creations exclusive Skeletor. All of that and more on tonights Toy Geeks!

00:00 Start
05:54 Recent Toy Hauls
11:20 Crystal Skeletor Arrives!
22:00 Additional Thoughts on TMNT Ultimates Wave 2
27:08 NC Underground Toy Swap
38:40 Toy News!
39:00 Mattel Swaps in Faker for Stinkor
50:08 NECA Teases Kong and Universal Monsters
52:33 New Boglins up on
55:28 Thundertank Ordering Updates!

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MOTU Origins Wave 4 Pics Revealed!

Join John and Jay as they cover the latest toy news like pics of the upcoming MOTU Origins and Masters of the WWE’verse waves. The Super7 reveal week, we’ll try our best to decipher the teaser pic! They Also talk about McFarlane Toys revealing their year long Batman Beyond build-a-figure line. During their toy hauls Jay will do a unboxing and first take review of Lanard’s new 7inch Alien and Predator figures. All that and more on this episode of Toy Geeks!

Link to the Toys R Us Video!

00:00 Start
06:10 Latest Toy Hauls
30:41 Lanard Aliens & Predator Unboxing!
39:39 Toy News!
40:00 McFarlane Batman Beyond Reveal
41:10 MOTU Origins Wave 4 Pics Revealed!
1:03:57 Super 7 Days of Teasers
1:21:58 Amazing Custom Toy Soldier Figures
1:25:18 If Only GI Classifieds were this easy to find!
1:27:10 Travel Back in Time to Toys “R” Us in 1991!!

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