Super7’s Thundertank Is Great?

Join Jay as he reviews the Thundercats Ultimates Thundertank from Super7. This massive 7inch scale vehicle has been over 2 years in the making and finally its arriving on collectors door steps. Was it worth the wait and the hefty price tag? Watch to find out!

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Super7 Thundertank Looks MASSIVE! Collectors in Space Danger

Join John and Jay as they break down the last week in toy news. Super7 Revealed pictures of the box art and in hand sample of their upcoming Thundercats Thundertank. McFarlane continues to reveal awesome looking DC toys. A new wave of Retro TMNT toys showed up on Target shelves in Southern California. Dorkside Toys may be going out of business, and Deathasaurus nears a successfull crowdfund for Hasbro. All of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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MOTU Origins Keldor & Kronis LEAKED box art!

Join John and Jay as they talk about the latest in toy news, like the leaked images of the Rise of Evil Keldor and Kronis 2 pack. That new NECA TMNT Disguise deluxe set, Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Fan First Friday Event, and Mezco’s Toy Faire. They’ll start with Special Guest Blake Wright Author of the Toys That Time Forgot series. He is currently Kickstarting Vol 3 and will chat about why you should back this set!

Link to Toys That Time Forgot Volume 3 Kickstarter!:

00:00 Start
02:17 Introducing Blake Wright
04:35 Our Recent Toy Hauls
14:30 Toys That Time Forgot Volume 3
46:17 Toy News!
46:38 MOTU Origins Rise of Evil Keldor & Kronis
56:15 NECA TMNT Turtles in Disguise Set!
1:00:50 Jurassic Park Dennis Nedry Jeep and Dilophosaurus set!
1:05:05 Hasbro’s Angry Action Figure Collector
1:07:40 Hot Toys Mando Boba Fett!
1:09:15 Amazing Custom TMNT April’s News Van

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LJN’s Thundercats Thundertank! Can Super7’s Ever Beat It?

With preorders of Super7’s Thundertank live, Jay reviews the OG Thundertank from LJN’s Thundercats toyline. This 4K look at his personal Thundertank that is a rare complete example that still works!

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MOTU Origins Wave 6 News : Stinkor swapped for Faker!

Join John and Jay as they discuss the latest in toy news like the announcement of Faker getting added to wave 6 of MOTU Origins in place of Stinkor. They also discuss the latest details with Super7’s Massive Thundertank. They’ll also review that Mattel Creations exclusive Skeletor. All of that and more on tonights Toy Geeks!

00:00 Start
05:54 Recent Toy Hauls
11:20 Crystal Skeletor Arrives!
22:00 Additional Thoughts on TMNT Ultimates Wave 2
27:08 NC Underground Toy Swap
38:40 Toy News!
39:00 Mattel Swaps in Faker for Stinkor
50:08 NECA Teases Kong and Universal Monsters
52:33 New Boglins up on
55:28 Thundertank Ordering Updates!

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Super7’s Thundertank is Amazing, But Can We Afford It?

Join John and Jay as they talk about Super7 Revealing their first ever Ultimates vehicle. The Thundercats Thundertank! It’s amazing, but can enough people afford it to make it happen? They’ll also talk about the rest of Super7 reveals over the past week including sharing some Hasbro licenses like Transformers and Power Rangers. We’ll also talk about everything Hasbro shared at their Star Wars Fan First Friday event! All of that and more on Toy Geeks!

00:00 Start
01:00 Intro and Housekeeping
11:50 Recent Toy Hauls
25:53 Toy News!
26:04 Super7’s Thundertank!
49:38 Other Super7 Reveals
1:03:16 MOTU German Reveals!
1:04:16 New Retro Marvel Legends!
1:05:40 Star Wars Super Fan Friday Reveals!
1:07:56 Fortnite Snake Eyes!
1:15:00 Awesome Custom Scareglow!

Link to Pixel Dan’s Interview with Bryan Flynn:

Super7’s Instagram:

Hasbro’s Star Wars Fan First Friday:

The 2 new US Toys “R” Us Closing:

Fortnite Snake Eyes Pre-Order:

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