The LAST Ghostbusters Afterlife Toys

Join Jay as he reviews what might be the last toys supporting the release of Ghostbusters Afterlife by Hasbro. If these are the last toys, Hasbro is ending on a high note. Both the figures and their companion ghosts like the Bug Eye Ghost and Muncher, shine! Watch this 4k review of Phoebe, Podcast, Lucky and Trevor the next generation of Ghostbusters!

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Is the Kenner Classics Ecto-1 Better than the Original?

Join Jay as he reviews the latest addition to Hasbro’s Real Ghostbusters Kenner Classics toy line The Ecto-1 !! It is the first vehicle in the line and a legendary one at that. How does this Ecto stack up to the original release? We will break down the packaging and the car to the original Kenner release to see if they created a worth successor to the OG toy Ecto-1!

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NEW Ghostbusters Afterlife Slimer, Muncher & Stay Puft by Hasbro!

Jay reviews the 3 main ghosts from Hasbro’s Ghostbusters Afterlife toyline! Ghostbusters staples Stay Puft and Slimer are represented alongside a new ghost named Muncher.

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NEW Ghostbusters Afterlife Ecto-1 Playset by Hasbro!

Jay reviews the new, just hitting toy shelves, regular retail release of the legendary Ecto-1 from Hasbro. Ghostbusters Afterlife looks heavily use the classic Ectomobile with some upgrades presumably added by Egon Spengler . How do the upgrades on this toy compare to the vintage Kenner Real Ghostbusters version? Watch the video to find out!

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Spengler’s Neutrona Wand Review! From Hasbro’s Ghostbusters Plasma Series!

We cover all the features and details of Hasbro’s first ever Ghostbusters Prop replica! Is this the perfect accessory for GB Cosplayers? How does it stack up to MattyCollectors version of one of the most iconic pieces of Ghost-busting equipment? Find out all that and more with this in depth review of Spengler’s Neutrona Wand from Hasbro’s Ghostbusters Plasma Series Line!

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Restoring a Vintage Real Ghostbusters Ecto-1A by Kenner!

We restore a vintage Ecto-1A from Kenner’s The Real Ghostbusters Toyline! We fix, clean and replace stickers and parts to bring this classic Ghostbusters 2 vehicle back to its former glory. Watch for a full restoration of a classic toy car!

Link to Zacparis who sells Ecto 1A replacement stickers:

Link to Flynn’s garage who makes the custom Ecto 1A roofrack and bumper extension:

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