McFarlane’s BEST and WORST DC Release Yet…

Join Jay as he reviews the 1989 Batman and Batmobile Gold Label 2 Pack. Theres a lot to love and a lot to hate with this set watch this review to find out why!

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McFarlane Keaton ’89 Batmobile Finally?!

Join Jay and Ryan Doell as they talk about the week in toy news. Toys for the Flash movie may finally be hitting shelves as SKU’s show up for among other things an 80 dollar Keaton Batmobile. Will it be a 7inch scale vehicle?? Will it be worth the premium Cost? Targets Fall Geek Out Continues as NECA’s offerings hit shelves and show up online. What will Mattel and Hasbro bring with their slots? Ryan Doell wants to play stump john, how will he fair?

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