McFarlane Toys is Restocking the 1989 Batman and Batmobile Gold Label 2-pack

McFarlane Toys announced yesterday evening that their DC Multiverse 1989 Batman and Batmobile Gold Label 2-pack, which sold out within minutes back on July 7, will be re-stocked for pre-orders on July 17 at 12:00 p.m. ET, exclusively on our affiliate, Amazon. You have spoken, we have listened. The Batman & Batmobile Gold Label 2 pack will […]

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Spin Masters’ The Flash Movie Figures, Vehicles, and Assortment Packs Available for Preorder

Spin Master has also released a ton of new merchandise for DC’s upcoming The Flash movie, including a super cool remote control 1989 Batmobile. Our affiliate Entertainment Earth has all of them up now, with free shipping off of domestic items $59+ using the code FREESHIP59. Check ’em all out below with more pictures in the gallery […]

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Funko Throws $30 Mill Worth of Pop’s in the DUMP

Join John and Jay as they discuss the latest in toy news! Funko decided it was easier to throw away 30 millions dollars worth of Funko Pops, then pay to store them. Is this beginning of the end for Funko? McFarlane Toys has Batman fans excited over the first images of his 89 bats offering(s). People are trying to bring back Toy Biz decades after it last graced toy shelves. Target Haulathan began with the usual frustrations. We’re going to try and stump john, we do all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

Article about Funko dumping Pops:

Article about Mcfarlane Batmobile:

Article about Toy Biz returning:

Article about Target Haulathon:

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McFarlane Keaton ’89 Batmobile Finally?!

Join Jay and Ryan Doell as they talk about the week in toy news. Toys for the Flash movie may finally be hitting shelves as SKU’s show up for among other things an 80 dollar Keaton Batmobile. Will it be a 7inch scale vehicle?? Will it be worth the premium Cost? Targets Fall Geek Out Continues as NECA’s offerings hit shelves and show up online. What will Mattel and Hasbro bring with their slots? Ryan Doell wants to play stump john, how will he fair?

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Spin Master’s “The Batman” Batmobile and Figures Rock!

Join Jay as he open’s up and reviews the new Batmobile and Batman, Catwoman, and Penguin figures from Spin Master’s The Batman toyline! These may be the main retail release but could they appeal to both kids (and parent’s buying for kids) and adult collectors? Watch this 4k review of the toys supporting Matt Reeve’s upcoming Batman film!

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McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Batgirl Action Figure Review!

On this episode Jay reviews the first Batgirl DC figure produced by McFarlane Toys. They took the adult collector line away from Mattel and how does this Batgirl stack up to the other McFarlane DC figures? Jay uses his 30 point, 6 Category system to find out if this Batgirl (based on her Batgirl #27 cover) is truly Shelf Worthy!

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McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Bat-Raptor Review! First McFarlane Batman Vehicle! Redux!

On this episode Jay reviews the new Bat-Raptor Batman Vehicle from McFarlane Toy’s new DC Multiverse toy line. It is McFarlane’s first try at a DC vehicle, and is it shelf worthy? We break down our 6 categories to see if the Bat-Raptor can get 24 out of 30 points!

*This is a updated version to include the extension feature of the vehicle.*

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