Funko SLASHES Mondo, Leaving Little Left

Join John and Jay as they break down the latest in toy news like Funko slashed Mondo’s staff including their beloved poster department. Is this the end of Mondo? Powercon 2023 exclusives went up for sale, we’ll break down our favorites. Roy Juarez shared packaging for the deluxe Dragon Blaster Skeletor and Snake Face, whose card back art may have given some clues for future releases. They’ll cover all of this and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Funko Throws $30 Mill Worth of Pop’s in the DUMP

Join John and Jay as they discuss the latest in toy news! Funko decided it was easier to throw away 30 millions dollars worth of Funko Pops, then pay to store them. Is this beginning of the end for Funko? McFarlane Toys has Batman fans excited over the first images of his 89 bats offering(s). People are trying to bring back Toy Biz decades after it last graced toy shelves. Target Haulathan began with the usual frustrations. We’re going to try and stump john, we do all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

Article about Funko dumping Pops:

Article about Mcfarlane Batmobile:

Article about Toy Biz returning:

Article about Target Haulathon:

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