Hasbro Vault Tour! SDCC Pop-Up FULL of Vintage Treasures!

Join Jay as he takes you on a tour through the Hasbro Vault Pop-Up shop in downtown San Diego as part of their San Diego Comic-Con experiences. This is the first tine they’ve done this and it was an awesome trek through Hasbro’s different properties from today and from the past. Ghostbusters, GI Joe, M.A.S.K., Star Wars and so much more were featured in this awesome space!

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NEW Retro Indy, Temple of Doom and Last Crusade Figures!

Join John and Jay as they discuss the news that Hasbro is not stopping at original figure re-releases for their Retro Indianna Jones figures but giving us whole new figures from Temple of Doom and Last Crusade. We hoped they would do this, but are over the moon that they are actually doing it! Join in the discussion during this special livestream!

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New GI Joe O-Rings! I Love Them, But They Dont Love Me…

We finally have Hasbro’s new GI Joe O-Ring figures in hand, and they’re great. But some of the choices with the line so far has this collector and parent who buys toys for his kids scratching his head. Join Jay as he takes a look at these great re-releases and hear him out on what he hopes Hasbro will do with the line in the future!

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Toy Hunting! Hauling Vintage Toys at Crowemag Toys!

On this episode of Geek. Dad. Life. Jay toy hunts for vintage toys at Crowemag Toys (https://www.crowemagtoys.com/next/) in search of items to further complete his ever growing collection! vintage toys

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